Miranda Cosgrove Explained The Real Reason Why She's Never Been Drunk Or "Buzzed" In Her Whole Life

    "I'm open to it."

    Miranda Cosgrove is opening up about a common pastime that isn't so common to her: getting drunk.

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    During a recent appearance on the Good Guys podcast with Josh Peck and Ben Soffer, Miranda took a trip down memory lane with her former Drake & Josh costar to discuss her transition from childhood actor into adulthood.

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    Unable to shake that brotherly relationship they adopted both on and off-screen, Josh questioned if she'd ever done anything "bad," while expressing hope he didn't have to hear her reveal anything too wild.

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    Well, Miranda did shock him, but in a completely different way. The 30-year-old iCarly star revealed she's never been drunk before...let alone buzzed.

    "I've never been drunk in my entire life," Miranda said. "Crazy. I'm open to it."

    Miranda admitted she doesn't have a real reason as to why she's never experienced being intoxicated, but it might have something to do with the amount of alcohol she typically consumes in social settings.

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    "I truly don't have a good reason. I've never even been buzzed. I've sipped things before, but like two sips."

    At one point, Josh joked about having someone from the studio bring in some liquor so that she could finally see what it's like. He then playfully referred to her as "pure" for being able to go so many years without it happening.

    But that wasn't the only confession she made. When it comes to recreational drug use, Miranda said she's never smoked weed either.

    "No, I've never smoked anything," Miranda added. "I had an edible, an edible brownie, and I fell asleep for 17 hours. I woke up super rested."

    While she believes there a part of her that won't allow herself to get to that point of excess, Miranda said another reason why she's never been drunk is because she was always given the role of designated driver when she was out with her friends.

    "I sort of liked taking on that role. I got used to it and just kind of stuck with it forever."

    "But yeah, no, I'm open to drinking. I'm still planning on it at some point, even though I'm 30."

    Well, there's no rush Miranda. We'll check back in when you're 35, LOL!

    To learn more about Miranda, check out her full Good Guys episode below:

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