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People Are Sharing Their Concerns For Millie Bobby Brown's Recent Engagement After "She's 19" Trends On Twitter

"Just leave Millie Bobby Brown alone!"

Millie Bobby Brown, 19, and her boyfriend Jacob "Jake" Bongiovi, 20, are engaged! And, of course, the internet had a lot to say about it.

Jake and Millie pose together for a photo at an event

Earlier today, the Stranger Things star announced that she and Jake — her boyfriend of three years — were taking the next steps in their relationship: marriage. She shared a photo of herself engulfed in his arms, happily showing off her new engagement ring.

Millie captioned the photo, "I've loved you three summers now, honey, I want 'em all." Jake, 20 — who happens to be the son of music icon Jon Bon Jovi — also took to social media to share the big news. He accompanied his post with intimate photos of them together and a caption that read, "Forever."

And while there were many comments congratulating the couple...

Companies like Cosmopolitan, MTV, and Glamour magazine congratulated the company

...others couldn't see beyond her age. People on Twitter began to show their concern and disapproval of Millie getting engaged at 19, admitting they thought she was "too young." Thus, the trending topic "She's 19" was born, and the debates ensued.

She's 19. You do you sis but I was a mess at 19. Getting married would have been at the bottom of my list at that point.

Twitter: @Whovian_Girl17

Millie Bobby Brown got engaged and everyone’s saying she’s 19, but I thought she was Eleven

Niko Tavernise / © Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

This is cute but she's 19, she hasn't had three summers as an adult 😭

Twitter: @moorehn

"she's too young" "they're gonna divorce in two months" JUST LEAVE MILLIE BOBBY BROWN ALONE!! LET HER LIVE!!!

Deadline / Twitter: @kissyhrryyy

19 year olds getting engaged is so military spouse coded like twin just vibe… did u even have an existential crisis over not being a teen anymore or did u just jump straight into the spouse identity

Twitter: @kirkxxs

why they saying millie bobby brown got engaged to bon jovi's son like woah that kinda changes things they building an empire over there. nepo baby + child worker is a crazy combo and works when you look at it from the side of generational wealth

Bravo / Twitter: @agapethamar

millie bobby brown being engaged reminded me of this broad city scene and I just looked it up and she's only 19 💀

Comedy Central / Twitter: @lesbianshauna

I don’t get why everything Millie does has to be overanalyzed….like just let her be😭 if it makes her happy I don’t see the issue I’m sorry. If she wants to get married, she will get married and it doesn’t impact any of y’all period

Twitter: @W1llByer2

it’s so crazy because i’ve literally watched millie bobby brown grow up and now she’s getting MARRIED? she literally deserves the whole world after everything she’s been through and i’m SO happy for her

Twitter: @thwiptom

And while social media is here to share our interests and opinions, when it comes down to it, we don't know the ins and outs of Millie and Jake's relationship personally. So, how they navigate their relationship is truly none of our business.

We know what they're willing to share with us, and since it was a celebratory moment, we can't help but be happy for them! I hope they soak up this moment!

I'm just excited to see what her wedding style will be!