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    10 Reasons Why Migos Had The Best "Carpool Karaoke" Of All Time

    I never want this segment to end.

    James Corden has had some pretty notable guests on Carpool Karaoke. From icons like Stevie Wonder and Barbra Streisand to entertainers like JLo and Bruno Mars.

    But James really outdid himself when he asked Migos to take a ride with him for this hilarious new of The Late Late Show.

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    From beginning to end, the Atlanta rapping trio had me cracking up. Here are the moments that nearly left me in tears:

    1. When Offset and Takeoff's ad-lib game was so perfect, even James couldn't help but join in:

    2. When James apologized on behalf of middle-aged dads everywhere for ruining the dab:

    3. When they did their own rendition of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and Offset channeled my mood whenever a Whitney Houston song comes on:

    4. When Quavo taught James how to do a proper dab with a Macarena twist:

    5. When Offset pulled out 210K out of a duffle bag, like it was chump change:

    6. When James's whole swag changed after Migos gave him a makeover:

    7. When Migos revealed their most popular ad-libs aka the ones I look forward to hearing on every song:

    8. The facial expressions Offset and Takeoff gave James when he tried to remix one of their songs:

    9. When Quavo said exactly what they were thinking:

    10. And finally, when they put their own spin on the classic soft rock song "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond:

    The bar has been set. Migos for the WIN!