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31 Things You Probably Never Knew About Michael B. Jordan Until Now

Because who wouldn't want to know more about MBJ?!

1. Despite being born in California, Michael B. Jordan grew up in Newark, New Jersey. He moved there when he was two.

2. His first TV acting roles were small, but the shows were HUGE. He appeared as a bully on The Sopranos and a student on Cosby in 1999.

3. Speaking of being a student, Michael was homeschooled during his junior and senior years of high school because his acting career was starting to take off. He continued to play basketball for Newark Arts High School.

4. He loved the sport so much, it inspired his first email address: BILNEM stood for Basketball Is Life Nothing Else Matters.

5. Despite the name similarity to NBA legend Michael Jordan, Michael was actually named after his father, Michael A. Jordan.

6. And he has no intention on bringing a Michael C. Jordan into the world — he admitted he doesn't plan on carrying on the name.

7. The "B" stands for Bakari by the way, which means "noble promise" in Swahili.

8. Along with basketball and acting, Michael also knows how to tap dance. That's not all. Michael also took up karate and soccer when he was younger.

9. He almost didn't take the lead role in Fahrenheit 451, "due to the relationship between my community and the police."

10. Michael still lives at home with his parents. He always dreamed of buying them a home, so when he bought a mansion in San Fernando Valley, he kept the family close by having moving them in with him.

11. Michael loves to experiment with his looks on the red carpet, but his mom doesn't always recognize his vision. This was her least favorite outfit of his.

12. His style icons are Pharrell Williams and Prince.

13. His favorite singer is Marvin Gaye.

14. Michael's dream travel destination is Tokyo, because he loves anime and Japanese culture.

15. His food of choice is Mexican or Italian, and his favorite drink is apple juice, specifically Martinelli's Apple Juice.

16. Michael is still a firm believer in chivalry, meaning he still prefers to pay for dates and open doors.

17. Believe it or not, Michael can't grow a full beard, instead, his facial hair grows in patches. He once joked about wanting to invent a spray-on stubble spray.

18. If he wasn't an actor, Michael probably would've entered into the culinary industry as a chef. He used to have cooking competitions with fellow actor and singer Tristan Wilds (Mack Wilds).

19. If he could work with any actor in the world, it'd be Leonardo DiCaprio. And he's also a huge fan of fellow New Jerseyan, Meryl Streep.

20. Michael is obsessed with comic books and anime. His favorite superhero is Black Bolt from Inhumans and his favorite anime series is Naruto.

21. Michael said he had an unusual fixation with fire growing up.

22. He reps Aquarians proudly.

23. Michael performed all of his own stunts while filming Creed. In fact, he was "routinely bloodied, bruised, and dizzy" when he was shooting his fighting scenes.

24. He had a rigorous workout routine and diet to get in shape for Creed. Michael trained 2-3 times a day, six days a week. He only ate boiled meat, green vegetables, fish, and fruit the entire time.

25. After seeing his mom emotionally distraught while he filmed his death scene on The Wire, Michael promised her and himself that he would take more roles where he "survived and thrived."

26. In order to prepare for his role as Erik Killmonger, Michael completely isolated himself and that mind state caught up with him. After filming, he sought professional help from a therapist to "unpack and talk."

27. Michael actually tackled Friday Night Lights director Peter Berg while improvising his audition. He ended up getting the role.

28. Michael is extremely passionate about finding a cure for lupus. His fight was inspired by his mom's battle with the disease.

29. He likes to meditate in the shower. Some times he'll do it standing up, other times he'll grab a stool and let the water fall on him.

30. Michael considers himself a homebody. Although he likes going out with friends, he prefers staying home to watch movies, play video games, and just relax.

31. And lastly, Michael likes to sleep naked!