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These Adorable Twins Try To Figure Out Where Babies Come From And It's Hilarious

The questions just keep getting better and better!

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If you don't know by now, Ava and Alexis (aka the McClure Twins) are taking over the Internet with their adorable commentary and beautiful curly hair.

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So, obviously when Ava and Alexis found out their mother was having another baby, they had A LOT to say!

It was a classic conversation filled with disgust for brothers and a Rated G sexual education lesson, that went like this:

Mama McClure: You're going to have another brother or sister!

Mama McClure: Mama's going to have a baby! Aren't you excited to have a baby in the house?

Alexis isn't having it.

Ava was hesitant, but still open to the idea:

"I'm excited to have a baby in the house, but I still don't want a brother. Only a baby, not a brother."

And then they really started asking the hard-hitting questions, like this one:

Mama McClure: Me and Dad came together to make the baby.

Or this one:

"Because the baby's not ready to come out yet. The baby's not big enough," said Mama McClure.

Alexis still wasn't sure how the baby got in there:

And neither was Ava:

It was getting so confusing, Alexis even asked this adorable question:

As they talked more and more about the family's newest addition, the girls became excited about taking care of the baby, especially when they saw the ultrasound images.

Alexis: "What's he doing? Why he not watching TV?"

Alexis: "What's he doing? Why he not watching TV?"

It's safe to say the girls are happy about the big news and about becoming big sisters.

Well, you know, just as long as the baby's not a boy.

Listen and laugh at the full video below:

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