Marlon Wayans Says Movies Like "White Chicks" Are Needed And Explained Why Jokes Shouldn't Get A Person Canceled

    "The best way to grow up is to grow your audience and understand that it doesn't always have to be the raunchy or crazy."

    THEN: Scary Movie was our first introduction to you in a horror film. You cowrote and starred in the film with your brother Shawn, while Keenen directed it. There has always been this stigma around doing business with family, but the Wayans have proven time and time again that it can work. What has been the hardest and easiest part about working with your family?

    From left to right: Marlon, Keenen, and Shawn in suits and ties at a red carpet event

    NOW: The Curse of Bridge Hollow is your first family film. What made you want to venture into the PG realm? And did you face any challenges performing tamer comedy?

    Marlon looking scared and hiding behind a table with a child who's wearing a witch's hat

    THEN: After starring in the Scary Movie franchise together, you and Regina Hall reunited in Netflix’s Naked with her as your love interest. You two have remained friends in the business for years. Have you ever given each other advice or words of encouragement when you weren’t feeling at your best?

    Regina and Marlon speaking to each other in an airport in a scene from Naked

    NOW: In The Curse of Bridge Hollow, Kelly Rowland is your leading lady. What was one of your favorite memories on set with her? And what’s one thing you learned about Kelly that might surprise people?

    Kelly and Marlon standing side-by-side as they speak to someone outside in a scene from The Curse of Bridge Hollow

    THEN: When it comes to social media, you never shy away from posting your kids, whether it’s in support of them or to embarrass them. How has fatherhood helped mold you into the man you are today?

    Marlon Wayans/

    MW: It's everything! I think it identifies you. I think the man you are to your children is important, because that's the man that's healing the kid that was hurt from the man from your childhood. You get to redo what your parents did and give that to your children. I gave my children all the love that I could possibly give and I'm looking forward to one day when they have kids, for them to do better than I did. I would say my most important job has been being a father.

    NOW: Stranger Things star Priah Ferguson plays your daughter in the film. Did you two do anything off screen to build that on screen father-daughter relationship?

    Marlon and Priah standing in a dark alleyway in a scene from the film

    THEN: You blew audiences away with your performance as Lou on Bel-Air, especially those shocked to see you in a dramatic role. You had people, including myself, yelling at the screen. Does it motivate you or deter you when you hear fans get surprised by your versatility as an actor?

    NOW: Earlier you mentioned recommending Priah watch White Chicks. I want to know in this day and age with stricter forms of censorship, could a movie like White Chicks thrive?

    THEN: I previously mentioned fans being surprised by your performance. What’s one role fans would be surprised you auditioned for but didn’t get?

    NOW: What can you tell us about any upcoming projects? I know you’re currently on your Microphone Fiend comedy tour and filming the upcoming Nike movie.

    THEN & NOW: Lastly, any chance we'll see you in Season 2 of Bel-Air?

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    MW: I don't know. My new [comedy] special God Loves Me is about the Will Smith and Chris Rock slap. I don't know how Will's going to take that. He's probably going to replace me in Season 2 of Bel-Air like they replaced [the original] Aunt Viv. You're gonna see some light-skinned brother playing playing Lou, like Terrence Howard. You'll be like, "Hey what happened to Marlon? Will saw that special and canceled his ass.'"

    To see more of Marlon, be sure to check out his new film, The Curse of Bridge Hollow, and be on the lookout for his upcoming comedy special, God Loves Me.