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"Love Island" Stars Justine, Caleb, Cely, And Johnny Showed Us How Well They Really Know Each Other

See how well they really know each other!

Just because Season 2 of Love Island USA is over, that doesn't mean we have to stop obsessing over the couples on the show!

Which is why we sat down with winners Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew, and their besties in the villa, second place contestants Cely Vazquez and Johnny Millbrooks, to see how well they really know each other with our "Relationship Test"!

"Love Island" stars Caleb, Justine, Cely, and Johnny

And they talked about everything from their favorite foods... their most embarrassing Love Island moments.

I couldn't get through the video without laughing. I had a permanent cheesy smile plastered on my face — you could feel the pure adoration oozing from the screen.

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Brenden Hale / BuzzFeed Celeb

And now you can play along with them!


• Check off each of the details you're ABSOLUTELY SURE you know about your significant other. At the end, you'll get a score out of 20.