Little Debbie Released A Ranking Of All Their Snacks And Food Lovers Aren't Impressed

    "This seems disrespectful to Zebra Cakes."

    Earlier today, Little Debbie released a definitive ranking of their snack cakes, with Oatmeal Creme Pies at the top and Fig Bars at the bottom.

    The 2019 Snack Cake Rankings have been released! 😱

    Personally, I think the chart looked pretty accurate. Oatmeal Creme Pies are my absolute fave, so the only real change I would make would be to move Swiss Rolls to the "legends" category.

    But after looking at the responses, it seems like I'm not the only one with a differing opinion on the snack hierarchy. Here's what some people said on Twitter:

    Like how Fudge Rounds were completely left off the list.

    @LittleDebbie Where are the Fudge Rounds??

    Just like they did with Banana Twins.

    @LittleDebbie Where are the Banana Twins???

    Or the unjust placement of Zebra Cakes.

    @LittleDebbie This seems almost disrespectful to zebra cakes.

    And then there were those who had a problem with the "legends" category as a whole.

    @SeanCBass @LittleDebbie There's a lot of errors here. Mostly the glaring one where they put oatmeal cookies on the Legends list. Zebra Cakes, Swiss Rolls and Star Crunches are your snack cake Triplets.

    I honestly couldn't believe the disrespect my beloved cookie cakes were receiving.

    @LittleDebbie These lil buggers need to go on a row all by themselves. And the row should be labeled “ew”

    And last but not least, there were those who thought all the snacks on the list were trash.

    @LittleDebbie @lilgamer713 All of these are disgusting

    Well, now I want to hear from you! How do you feel about this Little Debbie snack cake ranking? Did your favorite snack make the cut?