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    Kylie Jenner Revealed Her Daughter's Name And Twitter Has A Lot Of Feelings About It


    The world has been patiently waiting for Kylie Jenner to reveal the truth behind her not-so-secret Top Secret pregnancy.

    Vevo / Via

    And on Feb. 4 (Super Bowl Sunday), the 20-year-old reality star gave the people what they wanted! Kylie revealed she gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Feb. 1.

    This week continues to be full of surprises from Kylie, because today she revealed her daughter's name: Stormi.

    And the internet can't stop talking about it! Here's what people are saying:

    Kardashian/Jenner family gatherings will sound like a weather report when wrangling the kids. Is it Stormi? Naw it'…

    Twitter: @lisa_hiser
    Twitter: @Kxtewynn_

    All I think of when I hear Stormi is Stormzy

    Twitter: @aaishcreme

    Stormi judging North, Chicago, and Penelope in 2029

    Twitter: @JUSTlNW

    Kylie is showing Stormi’s lips on purpose

    Twitter: @JustyxSelly

    Everyone was so certain Kylie’s baby was gonna he called Butterfly but she threw a massive curveball and named her…

    Twitter: @mimialiceg

    “Kylie is most definitely going to name her child Mariposa” Kylie: Stormi Me:

    Twitter: @itsviridianaaa

    As cute as Kylie’s baby is, I can’t help but think how Stormi rhymes with Normi her dog 😩😩😩

    Twitter: @beth_deighton

    when everyone thought kylie named her baby mariposa and then she hits u with that “stormi”

    Twitter: @wyndsor_wac

    Kylie: posts a picture of stormi’s hand wrapped around her thumb Me:

    Twitter: @purposebiebers

    Life of Kylie: The Calm Before the Stormi

    Twitter: @jamieleighhhx3

    Congratulations, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, on your beautiful baby girl, Stormi!

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