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People Are Calling Kylie And Kendall Jenner "Culture Vultures" After Seeing Their New Fall Collection

*rolls eyes*

Posted on's the style in which the plaid shirt is being worn. A style that's largely associated with the Mexican cholo/chola culture.

@marissablunts / Via

And now, people are calling them out for being culture vultures:

@KendallJenner @KylieJenner will you ever come up with your own ideas? #culturevultures

lmao first black culture and now chola culture


@MeganKMaxey @lipstickittty @JShahhh @KendallJenner @KylieJenner smh they will never be original

Kendall & Kylie can charge 100+ for this style and be praised but let a chola wear it and its gangster and scary FU…

Even Kylie's makeup line has rubbed people the wrong way.

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