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Jan 8, 2018

Kelly Clarkson's Reaction To Seeing Meryl Streep On The Red Carpet Is Pure AF


Kelly Clarkson was one of the first people interviewed on the 2018 Golden Globes red carpet and she looked great!

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After finishing her conversation with Ryan Seacrest, he attempted to walk the American Idol winner down the stairs.

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But something stopped Kelly in her tracks: the one and only MERYL STREEP!

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Kelly was officially shook and Ryan literally had no idea what just transpired.

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Kelly was holding on to Ryan for dear life as she tried to make it down the stairs. Ryan was still baffled, so Kelly explained why she was freaking out.

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He completely understood her reaction and was finally able to get Kelly to turn around, but when that happened...she still couldn't handle being in Meryl's presence.

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Being the Hollywood icon that she is, Meryl couldn't help but bashfully smile at Kelly's admiration.

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And Kelly just kept pouring on the love.

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Kelly's night was officially made when she received three gifts from Queen Meryl: a hug, a kiss on the cheek, AND a caress of the cheek.

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And people could not stop talking about how relatable Kelly's reaction was:

Kelly Clarkson almost falling off the stairs because she saw Meryl Streep behind her IS SUCH A MOOD HAHAHAHA

Twitter: @ChristelJimenez

Kelly Clarkson: "I hear you can drink at this event...OMG that's Meryl Streep! Can I meet you, Meryl?" This is why…

Twitter: @steph_bello

I love Kelly Clarkson spotting Meryl Streep, screaming, and then asking her politely, "Can I meet you?!"

Twitter: @youngsinick

Kelly Clarkson hugging Meryl Streep feels like the deep breath needed to kick this off.

Twitter: @ActuallyEmerson

Honestly, if Meryl even sneezed in my presence I would feel blessed, so we completely understand Kelly. We completely understand.

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