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    John Krasinski And Jenna Fischer Trolling Each Other Online Is Like Watching Jim And Pam On "The Office"

    "Uh oh."

    Who doesn't love a little friendly competition, especially when it's between one of TV's most beloved couples: The Office's Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer).

    Well, John and Jenna are both huge hockey fans, and their respective teams just so happened to be playing each other in the Stanley Cup Finals!

    Jenna, who was raised in St. Louis, cheered on the St. Louis Blues...

    ...and John, who was born in Boston, rooted for the Boston Bruins.

    So they did what any friends cheering for opposing teams would do in 2019: trolled each other online! It all started when Jenna pledged her dedication to the Blues...and John wasn't feeling it.

    Even Steve Carell joined in on the fun.

    Steve!!! Not you too!! #LetsGoBlues #Gloria

    But that didn't stop Jenna!

    In fact, she continued to push John's buttons a little more whenever the Blues progressed in the finals.

    Uh oh.@johnkrasinski Looks like Pam might be going home with Stanley. Who would have guessed! #StanleyCup #LetsGoBlues

    This is when John knew he had to bring the HEAT to rattle Jenna's confidence for Game 7.

    Wow... this is how you wanna play this Fischer?... ok. Game ON! #BruinsIn7 #StanleyCup

    So when Game 7 finally arrived, John brought David Denman, who played Pam's ex-fiancé, Roy, on The Office.

    Game 7! Let’s do this!!! #NHL #StanleyCup @jennafischer

    Yup, that Roy!

    Jenna thought his petty tactic was amusing, but wanted to let the game speak for itself.

    Ha. Ha. Ha. Well played. Just be careful he doesn't leave you at the game. #GoBlues @NHL @David_Denman

    And it did. THE ST. LOUIS BLUES WON — this is their first Stanley Cup win ever in the team's 52-year history.

    Jenna celebrated by baking a cake with the team's theme song "Gloria" written on it...

    ...and rejoiced with fellow Blues fans on their historic victory!

    I love you St. Louis! I love all of you who watched this game at Enterprise Center. I love all of you who watched in the pouring rain from Busch Stadium. From viewing parties and at home! We All Bleed Blue! Congratulations @StLouisBlues Stanley Cup Winners!

    John was a good sport about the loss and congratulated her on the victory, but assured her their Boston/St. Louis sports rivalry was far from over.

    Well, a big congrats to everyone in St. Louis. A tough loss, but a momentous occasion! Great series! Next time Fischer... next time. @NHL #StanleyCup

    Guess we'll just have to wait until the World Series...