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    Jennifer Lopez And Maluma Read Your Dirty Thirst Tweets, And I'm Pretty Sure They'll Be Staying Away From Twitter For A While

    "I gotta get outta here! I have kids." –J.Lo

    The day has finally come! Not only did we get Jennifer Lopez and Maluma in a BF video together, but we also got them to read THIRST TWEETS!

    Maluma and JLo smile for the cameras on the red carpet of a GQ event

    And honestly, after this performance at the 2020 American Music Awards, who wouldn't want to see them sharing the screen again?

    JLO crawling across a table seductively towards a seated Maluma in a see-through bodysuit onstage

    Well, now we get the best of both worlds. Not only do we get to see them in the upcoming rom-com Marry Me...

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    ...but we also get to watch them try to keep a poker face as they read some of the dirtiest and funniest Thirst Tweets we could find.

    And the only thing better than these wild tweets...

    one tweet reads Dear, Maluma, Please set up your appointment to blow my back out soon. This is an urgent matter! Thanks, management.

    ...were their hilarious reactions! The internet is a dark, dark, entertaining place.

    Another tweet says "I want JLo to unhinge her jaw and swallow me whole like an anaconda from the movie anaconda which she starred in"

    Wondering who turns red first? Be sure to watch the full video below.

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    And check out their new film, Marry Me, in theaters and streaming on Peacock now.