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    Jeannie Mai Tearfully Admits That She Was Scared To Post Her Baby On Instagram After Sharing First Photo

    "It was so hard for me to get to this place."

    Earlier today, Jeannie Mai and Jeezy gave fans a sneak peek of what life looks like with their 5-month-old daughter Monaco Mai Jenkins. And for the first time ever, Monaco made her social media debut.

    Jeannie Mai Jenkins and Jeezy holding hands

    Everyone, meet baby Monaco — who now officially has her own Instagram page. Jeannie captured the photo, "In love is an understatement."

    But the cuteness didn't stop there! Jeannie also shared a video on her personal YouTube channel Hello Hunnay that included a compilation of intimate photos and clips from Monaco's first few months of life.

    Jeannie Mai with newborn baby

    The video, titled "Meet My Baby, Monaco!," featured everything from baby's first kiss...

    Jeezy's baby kissing his nose

    ...and baby's first bath...

    Jeannie Mai and baby in the bath meeting her new family members, including her play-aunties from The Real...

    three women with baby Monaco

    ...and documenting her breastfeeding journey. Jeannie shared it all!

    Jeannie Mai holding her breast pump with text that she's quit breastfeeding after 3 months

    But before Jeannie published these videos and photos on social media, she let fans know why she was hesitant to put Monaco on the internet until now.

    Jeannie Mai smiling and sitting on a couch

    "Even right now as I think about her about to see you guys, I get nervous," Jeannie said.

    Jeannie Mai with her hands to her face, looking emotional

    "It's such a weird combination between being so excited about something, but knowing that the world is a really mean place sometimes."

    "I can protect myself. I can block y'all. I can ignore the comments, but you can't do that with the baby, so this is why it was so hard for me to get to this place to share Monaco."

    A closeup of the baby

    Jeannie admitted that her channel has been a source of therapy for her, because it's allowed her to share her experience and learnings as a new mom. Jeannie also credited her mom and supportive subscribers for helping her reach this point.

    Jeannie Mai with her mom and baby

    Well, the comments continued to be nothing but positive as Monaco made her social media debut. And it's safe to say, fans can't wait to see more of her.

    Comments saying the baby is cute and looks happy

    To learn more about baby Monaco, watch Jeannie's full video below:

    View this video on YouTube