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    I Never Thought About These 15 Extremely Random Facts, But Now I Can't Get Them Out Of My Head

    Prepare for these facts to live in your head rent free.

    1. Because gelatin is made from animal skin and bones, gummy worms technically have more bones in them than actual worms (which don't have any).

    Mmeemil / Getty Images

    2. The original fire hydrant patent (credited to Frederick Graff Sr. in the 1800s) was lost in a fire.

    Karen Hartman / Getty Images

    3. Inside the Actor's Studio host James Lipton used to be a Parisian pimp.

    Bravo / Bravo / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

    4. DUI offenders in Ohio are issued yellow license plates to help police officers identify them while on the road.

    Misterclips / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    5. Clownfish can change their sex, including their reproductive organs, and the process is irreversible.

    Muhammad Irwin Day / Getty Images/EyeEm

    6. John Cena has granted more Make A Wish requests than any other celebrity in the charity's history.

    Noam Galai / Getty Images

    7. Cookie Monster's real name is Sid.

    NBC / Getty Images

    8. Tomato ketchup was once used as medicine to cure diarrhea and jaundice.

    Scott Olson / Getty Images

    9. Most carrots were originally purple before the 17th century.

    Haha21 / Getty Images

    10. Canadians eat more mac 'n' cheese, specifically Kraft macaroni and cheese, than any other nation.

    Roberto Machado Noa / Getty Images

    11. Nutmeg isn't just used in food. It can also be hallucinogenic if consumed in large doses.

    Fcafotodigital / Getty Images

    12. Talk about good acting — Toni Collette faked her appendicitis so well when she was a teen that doctors ended up removing her appendix.

    Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

    13. Snakes can help predict earthquakes. They can sense them up to five days before, from up to 75 miles away.

    Kristianbell / Getty Images/RooM RF

    14. You can actually go to Hell...Hell, Norway that is, or even Hell, Michigan. And don't worry, it doesn't really get hot.

    Glasshouse Images / Getty Images

    15. Lastly, MGM put 16-year-old Judy Garland on a strict diet while filming The Wizard of Oz, which consisted of chicken soup, black coffee, and up to 80 cigarettes a day.

    Herbert Dorfman / Corbis via Getty Images