27 Incredible Hats From The Royal Ascot That Would Make Any Grandma In Church Jealous


    Hear ye, hear ye! It's officially Royal Ascot season, which means thousands of people have gathered in Britain to watch the top thoroughbred horses from around the world compete for the $10 million prize.

    It's one of the hottest tickets of the summer. So hot, even the Royal family partakes in the fun.

    And after going through hundreds of pictures from the event, I've come to one conclusion: The horses might be in the race, but it's the decorative headpieces that take home the prize.

    Here's some of the most, uh, memorable headwear from the 2018 Royal Ascot:

    1. Bloom in Blush:

    2. Just Horsin' Around:

    3. The Butterfly Beauty:

    4. Flaming Floral:

    5. Goal-Oriented:

    6. Spiraling in Control:

    7. Spiraling Out of Control:

    8. The Tilted Topper:

    9. The Butterfly Effect:

    10. Fierce and Feathered:

    11. Tilt-A-Whirl:

    12. Hot Topic:

    13. Lions and Tigers and Butterflies, Oh My:

    14. Pretty With Pride:

    15. Bold, Blue and Not For You:

    16. Crown Royale:

    17. The Iron Lady:

    18. Play-Doh, But Make it Fashion:

    19. Love on the Brain:

    20. The High-Rise Peacock Prize:

    21. Double Trouble:

    22. The Hero of Headpieces:

    23. Madame Butterfly:

    24. Too Tulle for School:

    25. Abstract Head-Art:

    26. Oh-So-Orchid:

    27. And finally, the Royal Rose: