"Candy" Is One Of The Wildest True-Crime Series I've Ever Seen, And I'm Still Upset About The Ending

    "Intense story from start to finish."

    When it comes to original programming, Hulu has continued to drop hit after hit! And its latest series, Candy, is no different!

    Candy is a limited series about a real-life murder that shocked the suburban town of Wylie, Texas...and later the nation. It follows '80s housewife Candace "Candy" Montgomery as she stood accused of killing her friend, Betty Gore, with an axe.

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    The series stars Jessica Biel as Candy:

    Jessica with a curly '80s hairstyle and oversized glasses

    And Melanie Lynskey as Betty:

    Melanie as Betty sits at a desk in a classroom

    As an added bonus, both of their husbands are featured in the series as well. Justin Timberlake and Jason Ritter play cops helping to solve the case of who killed Betty and why.

    Justin and Jason in police uniforms, Justin with a moustache and Jason wearing a cowboy hat

    I recently binged Candy, and I can honestly say it had me hooked from beginning to end. I was completely unfamiliar with this case, which made watching it even more intriguing.

    Plus, there are only five (hourlong) episodes, so you'll blow through it in no time.

    But you don't have to take my word for it. Here's what other viewers have said about the show:


    Can we talk about how good #CandyOnHulu was. Sheeesh!

    Twitter: @Porters_Way


    Twitter: @CharleyFlyte


    "If we're having an argument, you go grab an ax, argument ends right there. I'm out the door. We can finish this discussion on the telephone." I'm still cracking at this line from @candyonhulu🤣 It's a fave! Those 2 police officers finished me, they're so funny😂🤣 #CandyOnHulu

    Twitter: @Callie_Calz


    #CandyOnHulu is such a good series! Big fan of Jessica Biel’s work. The Justin Timberlake cameo was a nice surprise.

    Twitter: @ShannonThornt_n


    I’m still only on the first episode but Jessica Biel is acting her ass off #CandyOnHulu

    Twitter: @BKIQueen


    candy is at volleyball practice scouting the men in their pum pum shorts like #CandyOnHulu

    Twitter: @AmeriKraut


    If Candy on Hulu doesn’t explain white previledge to you , I don’t know what else will 🤷🏾‍♀️ #CandyOnHulu

    Twitter: @_mirabelleI


    I always thought @JessicaBiel was talented, but after watching #CandyOnHulu my mind was blown away! What a performance!!!

    Twitter: @priiciosa


    #CandyOnHulu #Candy is a taut thriller starring the under rated #JessicaBiel in her most challenging role, along with the stalwart #MelanieLynskey who's in superb form as always... Pleasantly Surprised and Delighted to see #JustinTimberlake play this role to perfection ❤️👍

    Twitter: @Krishna_4


    #CandyOnHulu is good! A slow burn and intense story from start to finish. Jessica Biel gives an outstanding performances as Candy. While this five part miniseries is a uneasy and patient watch it does make the payoff to the shocking reveal. It’s a solid watch on Hulu. 🔥👍

    Hulu / Twitter: @972_404


    Jessica Biel had to go somewhere mentally to play such a role. Ugh, the nightmares I would have had. #CandyOnHulu

    Twitter: @zabriellbella


    No one does silent contemplative chaos like Melanie Lynskey. And I LOVE watching it! #CandyOnHulu

    Twitter: @staceyoristano


    pablo schreiber is so absurdly hot #CandyOnHulu you could set him in a caveman period piece where has no teeth and he’d still be hot

    Twitter: @freegypsyrose

    Have you watched Candy? Tell me what you thought of it in the comments below!