Here's What The Cast Of "Thirteen" Has Been Up To, 14 Years Later

    "No bra, no panties"

    Evan Rachel Wood as Tracy Freeland

    Nikki Reed as Evie Zamora

    Holly Hunter as Melanie Freeland

    Brady Corbet as Mason Freeland

    Jeremy Sisto as Brady

    Vanessa Hudgens as Noel

    Deborah Kara Unger as Brooke LaLaine

    Charles Duckworth as Javi

    Kip Pardue as Luke

    D.W. Moffett as Travis Freeland

    Jenicka Carey as Astrid

    Sarah Clarke as Birdie

    Tessa Ludwick as Yumi

    To learn more about the movie, watch this live 10th Anniversary Q&A with Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood.