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Halsey Had The Greatest Clapback For A Guy Who Didn't Think She Could Be A Feminist And Show Her Boobs

Silly boy, don't mess with her!

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There's one thing you must know when it comes to Halsey: don't ever come for her, unless she sends for you!

PlayBuzz / Via

Unfortunately, an Internet troll had to learn that lesson the hard way. Little did he know there was a savage hiding behind that innocent face.

@iamhalsey / Via

Here's what went down:

The 22-year-old singer and songwriter recently posted a picture to celebrate the release of not one, but TWO, magazine covers she's gracing.

@iamhalsey / Via

And one of those magazines just happened to be Playboy, a publication that's never been afraid to show a little skin.

@iamhalsey / Via

But despite Halsey looking fucking AMAZING for the shoot and giving fans a candid in-depth interview, some people just weren't pleased.

@playboy / Via

A commenter wondered how Halsey could call herself a feminist AND embrace her naked body, all at the same time.

@timurmengli / Via

Like, what?

Sony / Via

Well, the New Jersey native quickly schooled him on the many ways a woman can be a feminist.

@iamhalsey / Via

Then she created an entire IG post dedicated to their interaction, accompanied by badass caption.

@iamhalsey / Via

And her response had us like:

We TV / Via

Go girl!

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