Fans Rallied Behind Halsey After Learning About Her Endometriosis And Miscarriages

    "Pregnancy is a super sensitive subject."

    Last night, Halsey took to Twitter to shut down pregnancy rumors that recently began circulating.

    A paparazzi photo was taken of Halsey and Evan Peters out in Santa Monica on Sunday. The couple is seen with their hands on Halsey's stomach. This photo is what ignited the pregnancy rumors.

    Halsey initially denied the rumors, revealing the hand placement was a result of her eating pancakes despite her gluten allergy.

    She then continued to mock the rumors with a joke.

    Earlier today, the "Graveyard" singer revisited the topic to open up about the detrimental effects pregnancy speculations and pregnancy questions carry.

    Halsey said rumors like these are "really inappropriate."

    And reproductive health is something that Halsey has spoken out about before. For those who don't know, Halsey has endometriosis, which is when "tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is found outside of the uterus in other parts of the body."

    Some common symptoms and reactions to endometriosis include extremely painful menstrual cramps, chronic pain in your back and pelvis, pain during sex, digestive problems, miscarriage, and infertility.

    The 25-year-old singer-songwriter has opened up about the effects that endometriosis has had on her life in the past, discussing her miscarriages and the multiple surgeries she has had to have.

    Because pregnancy is a very intimate matter, speculating on someone's situation without knowing their circumstances can be viewed as rude and definitely an invasion of privacy. Many people have rallied behind Halsey to defend and/or agree with her sentiments:

    @halsey as someone with endometriosis and know you also do, this was my first thought when i saw that. you don’t know where someone’s place in this subject is mentally or physically, disease or not. people should stop being pushy towards it in both the media and even in person.

    @halsey i find even just asking a celebrity (or anyone really) about it is disrespectful. anything reproduction is nobody’s business besides the person who’s body it’s about .

    @halsey every time I see pregnancy rumors about people who have openly said they struggle with anything reproductive I get so mad. it’s hard enough as it is to have those issues they don’t need it thrown in their face by the media, strangers, and “fans”

    @halsey It's crazy how the tabloids take shit out of those intimate moments, what if it were true? What is the problem? And it's disgusting how women are indirectly pressured with their physical appearance every damn minute.

    really sad that halsey has to go through pregnancy rumors circulating every time she touches her stomach. she’s talked extensively in the past about her miscarriage and the effect that had on her. please stop assuming people are pregnant!! this goes for everyone, not just her!!!

    At the end of the day, you never know what another person is going through, especially when it comes to pregnancy. Thank you to Halsey for reminding us all of this.