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    Hailey Baldwin's Been Crushing On Shawn Mendes Since 2013 And Now They're Finally Dating

    Who said Twitter was a waste of time?

    The 2018 MET Gala was full of surprises, from marriage proposals to unexpected outfit choices.

    Noam Galai

    But one shocker you might have missed on the carpet was Hailey Baldwin and Shawn Mendes making their debut as a couple.

    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

    Fans have been speculating for months about the celebrities dating and their cute Instagram moments only fueled the rumors.

    So when the two showed up TOGETHER at one of the most exciting nights in fashion, I couldn't stop smiling.

    Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

    Arriving together was one thing, but damn they also look REALLY good together too!

    Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

    But just when I thought their situation couldn't get any cuter, I found out their relationship was basically destiny in the eyes of Hollywood. This tweet from Hailey back in 2013 is the reason why:

    Hailey Baldwin went from fangirling over Shawn Mendes in 2013 to dating him in 2017. 😲

    Twitter: @PopCrave

    "Hey Shawn Mendes, let's date so you can sing to me all day. I'm joking but not really," she tweeted October 2013.

    He didn't seem to notice the tweet at first, but Shawn eventually responded in November 2013.

    And now they're dating!! Hailey turned a playful tweet into a reality and I ain't mad at her.

    Talk about going after what you want. Get your man, sis!

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    So, cheers to the new couple and may they continue to slay together at future events to come.

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