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    We Need To Talk About Sansa Stark In The "Game Of Thrones" Season 8 Premiere

    The lie detector determined Sansa Stark is 100% that bitch!

    Watching Sansa Stark's coming of age story in Game of Thrones has been one hell of a journey, filled with triumph and heartbreak.


    We were introduced to her as a young, naive, somewhat bratty girl looking to make her family proud...


    ...and we witnessed her grow into a sensible, no-holds-barred, witty woman.


    Which brings us to the Season 8 premiere. Sansa has now become a true leader of her people, both compromising and strong. In the latest episode, she not only commanded respect, but she also gave us a dose of Sassy Sansa, who I never want to go away.


    Like when she came face-to-face with Daenery Targaryen. Sansa tastefully shaded her by looking her up and down and delivering this cold line: "Winterfell is yours, Your Grace."


    And who could forget the huge discussion in the war room, where Sansa and Dany continued down petty lane as they figured out how they were going to feed the new army allies AND dragons. This led to another epic line.

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    Later in the episode, Sansa finally got her props from Arya and Tyrion for growing both mentally and emotionally. Let's just say there was A LOT to love about Sansa in the premiere.


    So it's no surprise the Sansa stans jumped out on Twitter (me being one of them) by the time the episode was over. Here's what people had to say about their fave:

    sansa stark has been a war prisoner and forced to be "respectful" to rulers her entire life, afraid of being murdered or abused if she didn't play the part or say the right thing. the moment she's home and feeling her freedom she's being threatened yet again NOT ON MY WATCH

    I am weirdly so damn proud of Sansa. First season, I thought she was just some brat. Now, look at her.

    I'm convinced that Sansa will rule the seven kingdoms standing on the decks of Winterfell, dragging everyone and reading them to filth in the best way possible. #sansastark #GameofThrones

    sansa stark is literally the only one with a brain like she’s worried about food supplies THANK YOU and also knows that daenerys would kill everyone for the iron throne so she can’t be trusted. but, AGAIN, y’all calling her a bitch for protecting the north. #GamefThrones

    1.Tyrion to Sansa: "Many of them underestimated you, most of them are dead now" 2. Arya to John: "Sansa is the smartest person I know" The writers made 2 characters fans love say great things about Sansa. Watch Sansa's rise this season. #GOT #GameofThrones


    Idc what anyone says Sansa Stark has the best character development of all time

    Sansa, The Queen of Clap Backs #GamesOfThrones

    Sansa at Daenerys the entire time #GameOfThrones

    I DO love that Sansa was the one to point out how stupid Tyrion was to believe Cersei. People love Tyrion and tend to dislike Sansa, but he fked up all through season 7 while she was leveling up and leading. #GameofThrones

    Daenerys trying to talk Sansa Stark: #GameofThrones

    Sansa Stark is the only one I stan and the only bitch in this show I respect

    As a long-time member of the Sansa Stark defense squad and stan of the rightful Queen in the North, all I have to say is: we been knew. #GameofThrones

    if sansa stark dies... its on sight #GameofThrones

    But can we talk about Sansa’s political skill tho. She goaded Dany into admitting her beasts are a threat to them all in front the whole North. HA POWER! HER MIND! #GameOfThrones

    Also, let me just say, in the event of a Dany & Sansa throwdown, I'm 100% with Sansa. I'm not sorry. #GameofThrones

    sansa learning from cersei and becoming the smartest character on the show throwing shade at everyone I say that's my baby and I'm so proud

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