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    5 Reasons Evan Rachel Wood Could've Played Regina George In "Mean Girls"

    "She doesn't even go here!"

    WOAH, I just found out Evan Rachel Wood could've been in Mean Girls!


    You know Mean Girls, right? That masterpiece of a film that tried to make fetch happen. Yeah, Evan turned it down.

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    During a recent interview on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, Evan revealed she turned down a role for the movie, but didn't specify which character it was for.

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    But it's not like she wasn't interested in joining the cast. Evan already signed on to do a similar project about high school.


    “The only reason is because I was already supposed to do a film called Pretty Persuasion that was set in a high school, that was Heathers-esque, and it was very similar.”

    And after slowly digesting this information....

    Entertainment Tonight

    ...I quickly came to the conclusion that Evan would've made a PERFECT Regina George. Let's be clear though: that's no shade to Rachel McAdams, because she played the role flawlessly.

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    But before you accuse me of Mean Girls blasphemy, hear me out. Let's run through the check list, shall we?

    1. Evan has range. Do you remember how believable she was in Thirteen?! She went from shy bookworm to telling her mom she wasn't wearing a bra or panties in 2.5 seconds. She had parents everywhere SHOOK!

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    2. Plus, Regina George isn't the only girl who can manipulate her friends while being a total biotch, desperate for attention.

    Samuel Goldwyn Films

    This is from the 2005 film Pretty Persuasion.

    3. Oh, and the whole 'I'll steal your boyfriend from right under you nose' vibe...

    Paramount Pictures

    ...yeah, Evan's got that down too.


    This is from the HBO series True Blood.

    4. You want a death stare that will give you the chills?

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    I got you sis.

    Samuel Goldwyn Films

    This is from the 2005 film Pretty Persuasion.

    5. But at the same time be able to pull off an innocent face to make audiences forget what you're capable of?

    Paramount Picture

    Hello? Evan's that girl!


    This is from the HBO series Westworld.

    I could go on and on, but I rest my case. And I'm not trying to rewrite history here...just stating factual opinions (LOL).


    But I'll leave you with this photo of what could have been. Byeee!

    Lauren Yapalater / BuzzFeed

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