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The "Élite" Cast Found Out Which Character From The Show They Really Are, And Now You Can Too

Are you more Omar or Rebeka?

Just when I thought Élite couldn't get any wilder, they released Season 4 with new characters and off-the-wall storylines, and I couldn't get enough!


To celebrate — and to feed my obsession with the show — we sat down with stars Miguel Bernardeau (Guzmán) and Georgina Amorós (Cayetana) to find out which character from the show truly matches their personality.

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In English, the GIF translates to "I didn't wan't to say that. The piece [suit] looks good."

No spoilers, but these were Miguel and Georgina's reactions after finding out their results:

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Check out the full video below to watch all the fun ensue and to see which character from the show they ended up with!

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Want to play along with the cast? Take the quiz below to find your perfect personality match from Élite:

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