Dwyane Wade Was Met With More Backlash For Supporting Daughter Zaya After Sharing A Video Of Her Pre-Transition

    Your hate will never outweigh his love for his children!

    If there's one thing Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union are going to do, it's support their children to the fullest, even when the world tries to meet them with hate. And that's just what they did for their daughter Zaya's 16th birthday.

    Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union pose for photographers at a red carpet event with Zaya in between them

    On Monday, both Dwyane and Gabrielle took to Instagram to shower Zaya with love as she celebrated another trip around the sun.

    Gabrielle shared a carousel of memories with Zaya, including them taking mirror selfies to a whole new level and a sweet video of Gabrielle and Dwyane hyping Zaya up as she strutted down the hallway.

    Zaya's dad wasn't far behind with the good vibes posts. Dwyane also shared a slideshow of happy moments with Zaya, which included some of her most stylish looks and biggest smiles.

    And the sweet throwbacks didn't stop there. Dwyane brought more of them over to his Instagram story.

    Dwyane Wade and Zaya sitting at a table

    But unfortunately, both Dwyane and Gabrielle's posts were met with negative comments like, "Do you really think that supporting this means you care for your children?"

    And the hatred only continued after noticing Dwyane posted adorable older photos and videos of Zaya, pre-transition, in his birthday posts to her.

    A closeup of Zaya

    Some comments included, "He posted that clip at the end for a reason," "Damn DWade, I gotta unfollow u," and "You failed as a father."

    But despite all of the cruel comments, Dwyane and Gabrielle were also met with several positive comments:

    She's so beautiful. Happy Birthday Gorgeous
    Amazing, a father and the beautiful relationship with his daughter. God bless you both and may great fortune spread throughout your lives
    I adore your Daughter [heart emoji] you guys are doing such a great job raising a well rounded, intelligent, beautiful Human Being
    Zaya is the moment!! Keep shining QUEEN!

    Although the tone of the comments might vary, that has never affected the continued public support Dwyane and Gabrielle give Zaya.

    Because at the end of the day, Dwyane has always told people who he was, even if others seem to be confused by it.

    A closeup of  Dwyane Wade IG profile that says "A Father First!"

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