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    "Degrassi" Fans And Non-"Degrassi" Fans Are Battling It Out On Twitter Because Of Drake's Music Video

    Drake has everyone screaming, "I'm Upset" about Degrassi!

    In the wee hours of the morning, Drake surprised everyone with the music video for "I'm Upset."

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    But the real shock came when fans pressed play. The 31-year-old Toronto native gave us a Degrassi: The Next Generation reunion of our dreams, as we watched one castmate after another fill the screen.

    The nostalgia jumped out. I'm emotional. Kris Jenner works hard but Drake works harder. This man is so strategic. #ImUpset #Degrassi

    I've been in my feelings all morning thinking about how he was able to get the majority of the cast together for a video shoot.

    OVO Sound

    We missed seeing you, JT and Sean!

    And how his beef with Pusha T quickly became a distant memory.

    j prince: drake has a song that will end pusha's career pusha: release it drake: YALL REMEMBER DEGRASSI?

    Twitter: @desusnice

    But while I was soaking up every ounce of nostalgia during my nineteenth watch of the video, fans on Twitter were in their feelings for different reasons.


    Unbeknownst to Drake, his video started a war between Degrassi fans and those who've never seen the show.

    People who watched Degrassi vs Who Didnt watch Degrassi

    1. There are some people who didn't watch Degrassi:

    When you didnt watch Degrassi like that so Drake can’t suck you back in with nostalgia >>>


    We don’t acknowledge degrassi over here


    I didnt know what Degrassi was til So far gone popped & everyone said he was from that show. Still had no desire to watch it.


    I didnt watch one episode of Degrassi as a kid....i liked to go outside & things of that nature

    I didnt watch Degrassi because I saw like 5 minutes of it and thought it was dumb 🤷🏾‍♂️


    Never saw a Degrassi episode in my life. Unimpressed. Unmoved. Glad the guy went back to his suburban roots though, instead of trying to play hard ball with Real Street Veterans.


    RT if u never watched a episode of degrassi and don’t even know what channel it come on

    Twitter: @greenSLLIME

    And then there are those who LOVED the show:


    People saying “am I the only one who never watched Degrassi” like it’s cute. That’s nothing to brag about sis, I feel sorry for you

    Twitter: @lolmyckal



    Y’all non Degrassi fans really takin this to heart cause nobody even mentioned y’all lmao , niggas literally just enjoyed a video . Y’all wanted us to know you didn’t have cable and we didn’t even ask

    Twitter: @tethegreat


    Congratulations! You didn’t watch degrassi!! What kind of cookie would you like?

    Twitter: @MostDopeNickie


    Also all this Degrassi slander reminds me how some of y’all were truly poor and couldn’t afford that premium cable package. Indeed I am thankful for my parents

    Twitter: @PopeyeBiscut


    Y’all really didn’t watch Degrassi?


    Can y'all people who didn't watch Degrassi shut up about not watching Degrassi and let the rest of us enjoy it please lol

    Twitter: @ann__wynn

    So, whether you were obsessed with the show or have no idea who Jimmy Brooks is, I hope Drake's music video still serves you well.

    But seriously, if you haven't seen Degrassi: The Next Generation you need, yesterday! Here's a perfect explanation why:

    Oh and thanks, Drake! I probably won't be the only one binge-watching the series tonight.

    OVO Sound