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    I'm Totally Buggin' Over Donald Faison's Daughter Dressing Up As Dionne From "Clueless"

    Nearly 30 years later and Clueless is still making an impact on pop culture and society.

    Donald Faison took a trip down memory lane by channeling one of his most iconic films, and he took his daughter along for the ride.

    A closeup of Donals smiling at a red carpet event

    On Monday, Donald shared some fun photos on Instagram of his children's Halloween costumes. First up, his 7-year-old daughter Wilder, who dressed up as Dionne Davenport from Clueless.

    From the outfit to the attitude, Wilder nailed it!

    Dionne wearing the plaid blazer and skirt and hat as she hangs out with Cher in the film

    And her dad's Murray-inspired facial expression made the photo even better.

    His 9-year-old son Rocco's costume was also a blast from the past, as he dressed as retired Hall of Fame NBA star Allen Iverson.

    Job well done, dad. Job well done.

    But Wilder wasn't the only one who was inspired by the fashion in Clueless. Alicia Silverstone shared a video of two other girls dressed up as Dionne and Cher for Halloween, with audio to match.

    Paramount Pictures

    And if you're looking for more pop culture costumes, check out this list.