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    "Dolemite Is My Name" Is The Funniest Film I've Seen On Netflix In A Long Time

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    Eddie Murphy's new biopic Dolemite Is My Name made its Netflix debut on Oct. 25 and I can't get it out of my mind!


    "In 1970s LA, struggling comedian Rudy Ray Moore hits it big with his raunchy alter ego, Dolemite, then risks it all to take his act to the big screen." —Netflix.

    The iconic comedian portrays the life of Rudy Ray Moore, a '70s performer who adopted the persona of a smooth-talking pimp named Dolemite, and went on to make comedy records and movies as that character.

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    This is the real Rudy Ray Moore aka Dolemite. Here's a trailer for his original 1975 movie, Dolemite.

    Eddie Murphy truly embodied the role of Dolemite, from his mannerisms and unique colloquialisms to his style of dress. I didn't feel like he was playing a character; I felt like he was the character.

    Dimension Pictures, Netflix

    Eddie does an amazing job of capturing both how lovable Rudy is and how raunchy Rudy’s alter ego, Dolemite, is. With the odds stacked against Rudy, Eddie will make you want to root for him every step of the way.


    Anyone familiar with Eddie's earlier work (both standup and feature films) will feel an immediate sense of nostalgia.

    Starring alongside Eddie is a string of actors who have made you laugh throughout the years, like Keegan-Michael Key, Craig Robinson, Mike Epps, and Tituss Burgess. We also have action aficionado Wesley Snipes, who reminded fans just how perfect his comedic timing can be.

    Netlfix, Netflix

    And of course, their leading lady, Da'Vine Joy Randolph. She was able to command my attention with so much ease, bringing life and raw emotion to every scene she's in.


    Da'Vine Joy Randolph plays Lady Reed.

    After watching the trailer, I assumed it was just going to be a movie paying homage to the life and times of blaxploitation films. ~WRONG!~ Instead, the film ended up delivering a hilariously heartwarming tale of friendship and perseverance.

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    But that wasn't the only surprise — there were a few guest appearances that added a special touch to the film, like Chris Rock, T.I., Luenell, and Ron Cephas Jones.


    Besides the acting and the writing, you know what else brought this film together? THE FASHION, and it's all thanks to Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter. This was a team effort and it shows.


    Ruth is the same woman who brought us the epic stylings in Black Panther, Selma, Do the Right Thing, B*A*P*S, and so many more.

    But I'm not the only one raving about Dolemite Is My Name. It received a 97% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. And if all of that isn't enough to convince you to watch it, here's what other people had to say about Netflix's newest hit:


    Jeezos 'Dolemite Is My Name' is gloriously fantastic!!!! Wow. What a rousing, heartfelt celebration of the indomitable human spirit, the power of dreams and the beauty of Black excellence!

    DOLEMITE IS MY NAME is one of those movies where you root hard for the characters and are so happy when things finally go their way. It's also good to see Wesley Snipes, who apparently hasn't aged in 30 years.

    All I want for Christmas is for Eddie Murphy to get a Best Actor Oscar nomination for DOLEMITE IS MY NAME

    Booming with energy paired with a heart the size of the sun, #DolemiteIsMyName is the ultimate comeback role for Murphy, making his charm feel as fresh as it ever was before.

    #DolemiteIsMyName Is probably one of the best blaxploitation homage films... the cast did a fantastic job. Furthermore it was great to see some actors that have been MIA for some time. Loved every minute of it.

    My eyes got a little wet at the end, and then the dam broke. 😢 #DolemiteIsMyName

    #DolemiteIsMyName — just out on Netflix — is _amazing!_ I’m crying here! The whole cast brings it. The writers, too! What a gem. Drop everything — like I did — and check it out

    #DolemiteIsMyName is brilliant. It's Eddie Murphy's "Mama Said Knock You Out" or "God's Son", a reminder that he hasn't lost a step, it was just the material. That being said, with y'all sensitive ears, the language is NSFW, not even for your teens. Daddy Day Care is closed.


    Yep... Dolemite Is My Name was a funny ass film and Eddie Murphy is on top form! Go check it on the big screen or puts the power of Cinema and blaxploitation front and center! Certainly one for the nostalgia hounds! #DolemiteIsMyName

    “Dolemite Is My Name” is awesome. The soundtrack is awesome. Eddie Murphy is awesome. The costumes are awesome. That’s all. L @netflix #DolemiteIsMyName

    #DolemiteIsMyName is a work of art and style. Props to the magnificent @iamRuthECarter for the awesome costume design. Made Eddie Murphy look stylish & classy AF. Exceptional work as always! Watch out world, Ruth E. Carter is coming for that Oscar again. Here's a little thread...

    Eddie Murphy always spotlights other comedians in all of his movies. Always lifting others... @strongblacklead #DolemiteIsMyName

    “Dolemite is my name” is way more inspiring than I thought it would be. I knew it would be funny, but I wasn’t expecting this.

    Dolemite Is My Name will brighten your day.

    “Dolemite is my Name” is great if you’re a fan of indie film, blacksploitation, underdogs, Eddie Murphy, or Hollywood stories in general. Wesley Snipes steals his scenes. Everyone is great. I give it my highest ranking 13/10. On Netflix.

    Dolemite is the kind of film that black folks need right now. It’s a redemption story told through pure, black comedy. No trauma. No trigger warnings. No mental health issues. No violence. No police. No white savior. None of that shit. Just a lot of muthafucking laughs.

    Phenomenal performances. Memorable scenes. Quote-worthy lines. Dolemite Is My Name gets 10s across the board! Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments below.