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    Fans Are Falling In Love With "Disenchanted" Just Like They Fell For The Original 15 Years Ago

    Disenchanted is finally on Disney+, so we've rounded up fan reactions and even given you a fun Disney villains quiz to take!

    After 15 years, the Enchanted cast is back with their highly anticipated sequel, Disenchanted.

    A promo photo of the cast of Disenchanted featuring from left to right sitting in the front: Patrick Dempsey, Amy Adams, Idina Menzel and Maya Rudolph, Gabriella Baldacchino, and James Marsden standing in the back

    Not only did the majority of the main cast return, but the film also made a few new additions to help continue the story, like Yvette Nicole Brown and Jayma Mays.

    The cast posing for photographers on the red carpet at the premiere of Disenchanted

    Despite the massive time gap between the original and the sequel, fans still got caught up in the magic and fell in love with the new film.

    But don't take my word for it. Here's what people on Twitter had to say about it:


    me when I me when first time I saw saw enchanted disenchanted #Disenchanted

    Twitter: @emilybronte85 / Disney


    after all the years of watching enchanted repeatedly ive only now realised that in the ball scene robert is dressed the same as gisele’s dream guy at the start and I can’t stop thinking about it🥹💗💗💗 #Disenchanted

    Twitter: @love4goose / Disney


    Giselle bursting into a song every time a minor inconvenience happens: #Disenchanted

    Twitter: @Sarahpaulsonwh / Disney


    can i just say the duet between amy adams and maya rudolph did not have to go that hard. they both came to set ready that day #Disenchanted

    Twitter: @jocelynnvalntin / Disney / Alamy


    I love #Enchanted and #Disenchanted animation style. I wish Disney would bring this animation style back to their movies. It makes me feel nostalgic. Almost feels like a classic Disney movie again.

    Twitter: @SusieBrady1 / Disney


    let me tell you james marsden was READY to reprise this iconic role #Disenchanted #DisneyPlus

    Twitter: @maddikarpiej / Disney


    WHERE’S HER GODDAMN OSCAR 😭 #disenchanted

    Twitter: @katepenniman / Disney


    edward is honestly one of my favorite things in enchanted and disenchanted he’s so silly and gives me strong second hand embarrassment but he’s so pure and genuine i just can’t help but to love him he stole my heart and i wish we had more of him #Disenchanted

    Twitter: @wkxexe / Disney


    When they recreated their dance at the ball BITCH I CRIED #Disenchanted

    Twitter: @mariahh_elenaa / Disney


    it’s crazy how time flies. forever my favorite childhood movie. 💓#Disenchanted

    Twitter: @blissfulgiselle


    i heard someone saying that the songs were bland and boring... like, did we watched the same movie? because you certainly haven't heard this masterpiece #disenchanted

    Twitter: @alicentsivy / Disney



    Twitter: @OliviaLeaa HBO


    amy adams acting ??? like the switch from good and evil flawlessly ?? NOT everybody can do that #Disenchanted

    Twitter: @delreyfilms

    But the fun didn't stop there. It wouldn't be BuzzFeed if we didn't add a game aspect to it, right? Well, Cocoa Butter caught up with Yvette and Jayma to test their Disney villain knowledge, and now you can do it along with them too:


    Can you guess which Disney Villains these pictures portray? Join Yvette Nicole Brown and Jayma Mays as they figure this out and catch be sure watch them in the Disney Plus film Disenchanted #DisneyPlus #Disenchanted

    ♬ original sound - Cocoa Butter

    Have you seen Disenchanted? If so, tell us all about it in the comments below!

    Disenchanted is now available to stream on Disney+.