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    Love Is In The Air: DDG Gushes On His Girlfriend Halley Bailey And How He Slid In Her DMs

    DDG talks meeting Halle Bailey, how she makes him feel, and more in his new interview with The Breakfast Club.

    There's something about young love that seems so pure and inspiring, and that's exactly how rapper DDG feels about his girlfriend Halle Bailey.

    DDG smiling

    During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, DDG opened up about how his relationship with Halle made him a better person.

    DDG and Halle smiling widely at a red carpet event

    "I never been with nobody who motivates me like she do," DDG told The Breakfast Club. "I'm seeing different shit. I never really been around this type of shit before."

    DDG explained that he wasn't used to being in the same social circles that Halle was in, so when she introduced him to things like fashion shows and galas surrounded by influential people like Tyler Perry, it changed his outlook.

    DDG being interviewed

    The "9 Lives" rapper went on to reveal that he initially met Halle, who he playfully calls his wife, after sliding into her DMs and bonding over music.

    After seeing her post about one of his favorite 50 Cent songs "Many Men," DDG saw that as a perfect opportunity for them to connect. Well, it worked because Halle just so happened to be a big fan of DDG's music and YouTube content as well.

    Halle Bailey /

    DDG and Halle were first romantically linked back in January 2022. They later became Instagram official on March 27.

    Who doesn't love a modern-day love story! To learn more about DDG, check out his full interview with The Breakfast Club below:

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