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    Dax Shepard Almost Wasn't In "Parenthood" Because He Didn't Want To Leave Kristen Bell

    "That choice was presented to me and I chose her."

    One thing I've always loved about Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell is they've continued to remain transparent about the ups and downs in their relationship even when they don't have to.

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    And during the most recent episode of Dax's Armchair Expert podcast, he shared another interesting tidbit about the early stages of his relationship with Kristen and the huge role he turned down for her.

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    "I got offered Parenthood — I hadn’t acted in a long time, no one was offering me anything and they said, ‘This show shoots in Philadelphia.’"

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    "I said, ‘There’s no way I can be in this relationship and move to Philadelphia.’”

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    "I turned that show down — which, by the way, is certainly the first time in my life that I had ever done that…I couldn’t believe I was doing it.”

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    "Basically that choice was presented to me and I chose her, which blew my mind."

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    The 44-year-old actor admitted he "very much wanted to be on that show" and he was really drawn to the idea of having a separate life in Philadelphia. But then NBC called with some good news.

    NBC decided to move the show's filming location to Los Angeles, where Dax and Kristen both lived, which eventually led Dax to take the role of kindhearted and slightly irresponsible Crosby Braverman on Parenthood.


    He was able to keep his relationship and his career! Dax starred in the series for five years and has been with Kristen for nearly 12 years.

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    See, following your heart doesn't only work in Disney movies!


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