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Dakota Johnson Gets Real About That Angelina Jolie–Jennifer Aniston Moment At The Golden Globes

"I was trying to be sly about it."

The 75th Golden Globes was one award show viewers will have a hard time forgetting.

From Seth Meyers' hilarious jokes to Oprah's inspirational speech, the night was lit!

But one of the most talked-about moments would probably have to go to Dakota Johnson allegedly watching Angelina Jolie ignore Jennifer Aniston on stage.

People were LIVING for it:

Can’t help but watch this shade! #JenniferAniston and #AngelinaJolie

Twitter: @KristeiaAhmic

I love that they gave Carol Burnett a standing ovation so that Angelina Jolie had to give one too which means she b…

Twitter: @RobMRosenberg

Well, the Fifty Shades Freed star recently stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, to let fans know what REALLY went down that night.

At first, she agreed with Jimmy about looking at Angelina Jolie, but then shifted the blame to someone else.

And ultimately, she admitted her side-eye game was extra strong.

Or so we thought.

When asked what she was really looking at, Dakota revealed she was trying to take a low-key photo of the Stranger Things cast at their table.

Although she was embarrassed to secretly capture a photo of the cast at the time...

...the 28-year-old actress had no problem reliving the moment for Jimmy.

So, while we're still not 100% sure who she was looking at during this epic Golden Globes moment, we thank her for making it possible.

To hear more from Dakota Johnson's interview with The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, watch the video below.

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Fast forward to the 3:50 mark for her stories from the Golden Globes.