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    Posted on Apr 7, 2017

    15 Chrissy Teigen And Baby Luna Photos That Are So Cute You Might Cry

    Can you adopt us already?

    We absolutely love Chrissy Teigen! It's safe to say when we're not laughing at her hilarious tweets, we're stalking her Instagram.

    Tumblr / Via

    After practically getting arthritis from scrolling through her page, we came to one conclusion: Looking at Chrissy with her 11-month-old daughter Luna Simone could make the Grinch love kids...and Christmas.

    Which is why we decided to dedicate this entire post to their adorable moments together. Sorry, John Legend, but this post is all about your beautiful ladies.

    Hmm, where shall we begin...

    1. Enjoying some fun in the sun.

    2. Morocco life is the best life!

    3. You know, just doing what ballerinas do...

    4. ...being flexible and whatnot.

    5. That time Chrissy bought a Christmas present for Luna just so she could play with it herself, LOL.

    6. Or when they explored an entire new world of sea creatures and friends.

    7. When we found out Luna thinks her mom is just as funny as we do.

    8. When we realized Luna could probably cook a better omelet than us.

    9. Hoping Luna will share her frequent flyer miles with us. Is that Chrissy's mini-me or what?!

    10. Remember when Chrissy couldn't handle all of her daughter's cuteness?

    11. Has anyone else realized Chrissy passed on her photogenic genes to this little beauty?

    12. Giving her mom a touch-up before she hits the red carpet is always a fun time.

    13. So many furry animals, so little time!

    14. Because who wouldn't want to see those cheeks in all of Snapchat's crazy filters?

    To end it off, we thought we'd invite Luna's daddy back into the picture.

    15. Check out their adorable family jamming out to the smooth sounds of the piano.

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