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    Chris Evans Jokingly Called Out Octavia Spencer For Her Not So "Happy" Birthday Message

    Social Media Etiquette 101.

    Chris Evans celebrated his 37th birthday yesterday.

    20th Century Fox

    And he received a ton of love from his fans and celebrity friends, like Dwayne Johnson...

    And a quarter of the way to 148, which is when I hope to start doing my best work. My 130’s will just be ‘me time’.

    ...Chadwick Boseman...

    Thanks bud! I remember this day. It marked the beginning of your reign!

    ... and Samuel L. Jackson.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY,CAPN’A‼️‼️‼️@CaptainAmerica @ChrisEvans

    But when it came to Octavia Spencer's celebratory tweet, Chris noticed something a little off.

    Chris didn't see anything "happy" about her tweet, jokingly of course.

    Would an exclamation point have killed you? Any number of emojis would have sufficed. The only thing missing from this tweet is a period. You better step it up next year, Spencer.

    And I have to admit, the message did look a little dry. I don't know if I've ever sent a birthday message without an exclamation point, let alone emojis.

    Morgan Murrell

    But Octavia managed to quickly back up her reasoning for delivering her message that way.

    Bro, I was gonna send my emojis in a letter!!!!!!! Miss you😘❤️👍🏽🍷👑

    And Chris completely understood. I mean, what coldhearted demogorgon would even dream of getting mad at Octavia Spencer anyway?

    I suppose I’ll let it slide. 37 has made me very magnanimous 😘

    And that's that on that.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Happy belated birthday, Chris!!

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