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    Charlie From "Good Luck Charlie" Is A Preteen Now And Im Officially An Old Millennial

    More like Grown Up Charlie, am I right?

    Remember Good Luck Charlie?

    You know, that hilarious coming-of-age series starring Bridgit Mendler, as she navigated high school while offering life advice to her baby sister, Charlie? Yeah, that one.

    Well, little Charlie is all grown up now...kind of. The actor who played Charlie, Mia Talerico, celebrated her 11th birthday today.

    That's right, little Charlie is officially a preteen and for some reason my head is spinning.

    Maybe it's because her character is still a meme, despite the show ending five years ago.

    Or perhaps it's just because I'm in a deep sense of denial. Whatever the reason, I'm slowly but surely coming to terms with the fact that Mia "Charlie" Talerico is no longer a baby.

    And here's what she's been up to:

    Hanging out with her uncle's dog, Maverick...

    ...catching some waves...

    ...spending quality time with her family...

    ...hanging out with friends...

    ....dancing the night away...

    ...catching up with her Duncan family...

    ...and just being a normal, silly kid.

    Mia still acts too! After starring in film shorts like Shadow Theory and Photographic Memory, Mia went on to appear in projects like Mani, a Brat's web series, and the TV show, Conrad.

    View this video on YouTube

    BUT that's not all! Mia also runs a successful YouTube channel with over 50k followers, where she reviews toys, shows off her gymnastics skills, and makes things like gingerbread houses and slime.

    View this video on YouTube

    Looks like Charlie didn't really need luck, because Mia Talerico is doing just fine.