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    18 Celebrity Instagrams You Probably Missed This Week

    Here's what you might've missed!

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    Here's what some of Hollywood's biggest celebs have been up to this week:

    1. Jennifer Lopez introduced fans to her #SelfcareSundays.

    2. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson became a first-time cupper.

    3. Gal Gadot announced she's pregnant with baby number three.

    4. Lil Nas X called out Tekashi 69 for making a gay joke about him, by show receipts of Tekashi 69 sliding in his DMs.

    @lilnasx /

    5. Kim Kardashian's daughter North got a pet bearded dragon.

    6. Camila Cabello celebrated her 24th birthday.

    7. Dominique Fishback celebrated her Judas and the Black Messiah costar Daniel Kaluuya's Golden Globes win.

    8. Noah Centineo shared a string of selfies.

    9. John Stamos took a trip down memory lane with this adorable photo of him and Elizabeth Olsen.

    10. Jessie J became Instagram official with her boyfriend, dancer Max Pham Nguyen.

    11. Tom Felton took us back to simpler times with his Harry Potter cast, Emma Watson and Alfred Enoch.

    12. Britney Spears beamed with happiness in this photo with her sons, who are not boys, but are not yet men either.

    13. Brie Larson commemorated Captain Marvel's second anniversary.

    14. Kellan Lutz gushed over his newborn daughter, Ashtyn.

    15. Kate Bosworth shared a rare behind-the-scenes photo with her and Hayden Panettiere from the Remember the Titans set.

    16. Lil Uzi Vert confirmed his relationship with City Girls member JT, with these sweet photos from their shopping spree.

    17. Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens finally reunited after nine months apart.

    18. Finally, Jonah Hill revealed that he finally feels comfortable and confident in his body, despite paparazzi and sites like Daily Mail trying to make him feel otherwise.

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