Cardi B Shut Down Accusations That She Had Beef With La La Anthony At The Met Gala After An Interview Clip Went Viral On Twitter

    "Not true!"

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    Cardi B is clearing the air after rumors began circulating that there was tension at the Met Gala with La La Anthony.

    Closeup of Cardi B

    Actor and host La La Anthony was Vogue's red carpet correspondent for this year's Met Gala, and she spoke with Hollywood's latest and greatest celebrities.

    La La Anthony at the Met Gala wearing a one-shouldered gown with chains across it. She's also wearing cat-eye sunglasses and a headband

    But one interview from the night began generating some negative responses as soon as it hit the internet. A clip began floating around of La La chatting with Cardi B about her look and how it represented the "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty" theme.

    Cardi B is interviewed by Lala on the carpet. #MetGala

    — Cuntology 🤷🏽‍♀️ (@Bardiology_) May 2, 2023
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    But despite them complimenting each other multiple times throughout the interview, many believed they felt tension between the two women.

    A tweet that says "The energy is definitely off! Weird hoe. Cardi is paying it no mind..."
    Another tweet says, "That Lala and Cardi interview was a bit sketch"
    This tweet says, "Lala look like she ain't really wanna talk with cardi [laughing crying emojis'"

    While others didn't think anything of the interview except how sweet it was, some wondered if people were reading too much into it and trying to create drama.

    Before I saw Cardi’s tweet I looked at that clip & was wondering how in the hell anybody caught tension between her & Lala? People have gotten that socially awkward. When you are too much online & don’t really interact with ppl you think anything is “shade.”

    — Manifest Doll 💅🏾 (@AmazonCan) May 2, 2023

    Am i the only one tht doesn’t see the Cardi and Lala situation yall tryna start? #Metgala

    — Aries Groove (@QSimonx21) May 2, 2023

    Can y’all stop switching the narratives? Lala Anthony has always been open about her support for Cardi.

    — ‧₊˚✩彡 | tarot reader (@galactajay) May 2, 2023

    Well, to end the confusion, Cardi responded to a tweet that claimed it was "so obvious" that Cardi couldn't stand La La.

    It’s so obvious that she can’t stand her😭💀

    — ▫️ZAIN▫️ (@ZA20L) May 2, 2023

    And Cardi immediately shut the accusation down and set the record straight. Cardi confirmed there was no truth to their statement.

    Not true …..I talk to Lala more then any celeb …She knows everything !!!( if your ever need some she knows all the contacts) She has helped me ALOT !!!!

    — Cardi B (@iamcardib) May 2, 2023

    "Not true," Cardi said. "I talk to La La more than any celeb. She knows everything!"

    Cardi B and La La Anthony smile as they pose together for a red carpet event

    "If you ever need some, she knows all the contacts. She has helped me A LOT!"

    Cardi B, Kelly Rowland, and La La Anthony pose for a photo at an event

    The girls are, in fact, NOT fighting! And I'm glad this was addressed because women are often pitted against each other in Hollywood.

    La La and Cardi B have shown love for each other throughout their careers, and La La is already known as "everyone's BFF" in Hollywood, so I'd truly be surprised if there was tension between them.

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