Brian Tyree Henry Was The Best Dressed Guy At The Met Gala — I Said What I Said

    ATE IT UP!

    When it comes to Brian Tyree Henry, it seems he can tackle any role that's thrown his way.

    A closeup of Brian in an embroidered suit

    From a superhero with incomparable intelligence in Eternals...

    brian among his cast in the film walking in the desert

    ...and a budding rapper trying to come to terms with his newfound fame in Atlanta...

    Brian walking with his costars in a scene from the show Atlanta his Tony-nominated performance in the 2018 play, Lobby Hero, Brian has proven time and time again that he can truly do it all.

    Brian wearing a cop uniform in the play as he stands next to a woman

    Which is why when he was given the role to serve at the 2023 Met Gala carpet, Brian delivered in full!

    closeup of brian in his ruffled cape and many necklaces

    I mean look at the material:

    delicate detailing for the oversized ruffled cape on top of his silk suit

    So please enjoy these various photos of him looking absolutely amazing while breaking down his perfect look:

    "This is Karl Lagerfeld," Brian told Variety while rocking a black cape with exaggerated ruffles. "I did a little collaboration with them from his 2016–17 bridal collection."

    brain at the met

    The androgynous themes in the collection is what drew Brian to his Met Gala look.

    closeup of brian and his pearl necklaces

    "I just wanted to mix things up and show another side. It's a part of who we are. We're all flavors. We can be all things."


    "I feel like that's the way that fashion should lean: to be who you are, show who you are, and sow all the flavors you got. And that's what we did."

    people helping Brian with his long cape as he walks up the stairs



    But I wasn't the only one who couldn't get enough of Brian at the Met Gala. People on Twitter were loving his ensemble as well:

    He came. He saw. He conquered the carpet!