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    Updated on Sep 5, 2018. Posted on Sep 5, 2018

    "The Bobby Brown Story" Aired Last Night And Twitter Had A Lot To Say About It

    "Bobby ain't even 50, y'all. He lived at least five lives. Jesus!"

    Last night, BET aired part one of The Bobby Brown Story starring Woody McClain as the iconic bad boy of R&B, Bobby Brown.

    And babyyyyy, it was A LOT to take in!

    Annette Brown/BET

    One minute I was singing my heart out to his classic hits and laughing at his slick tongue....five minutes later I'm yelling, "Damn, Bobby!" in disbelief (one word: Janet).

    In the first installment we got to witness the making of Bobby Brown, the solo artist...


    ...his relationship with the late Whitney Houston...

    BET mama drama...


    ...a deep dive into his drug use and much, MUCH more.


    But with all of that packed into a 2-hour special, you know fans had a lot to say.

    Whether it was trying to digest all the information they just watched...

    Me in bed tonight trying to process everything I saw on night one of #BobbyBrownBET

    #BobbyBrownBET Lord I'm not ready for Part 2. I have anxiety already 🙀

    All we gotta do... Is take the Whitney Movie.. New Edition Movie & the Bobby Brown movie.. draw a vinn diagram.. compare and contrast. Whatever is in the lil middle oval . THATS the truth ..

    ...noticing the movie hints at Robyn Crawford being more than just a friend to Whitney...

    Bobby: “You ain’t nothing, but a damn guest.” Robin: “Oh, it that all I am?” #BobbyBrownBET

    there's only one reason why Robyn is constantly present #BobbyBrownBET

    Bobby Looked back at Robyn Like #BobbyBrownBET 🤣

    Robyn always in the cut like #BobbyBrownBET

    ...still picking up your jaw from those Janet Jackson scenes...

    #BobbyBrownBET me listening to Janet’s albums tryna figure out which song was about Bobby.

    Janet Jackson and her lawyer walking into the courtroom tomorrow morning #BobbyBrownBET

    Me googling ‘Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson’ #BobbyBrownBET

    ...finally understanding Bobby lived one hell of a life...

    Bobby ain’t even 50, y’all. He’s lived at least 5 lives. Jesus. #BobbyBrownBET

    This #BobbyBrownBET biopic is showing me one thing.... and that thing is that.......

    Damn he didnt have to do Tommy like that...but "u got her a bike".... Tommy out there working, taking care the kids, and getting blame by the momma...smh...u can't please everybody😔#BobbyBrownBET

    Me gettin my #BobbyBrown playlist together for tomorrow #BobbyBrownBET

    ...preparing yourself for the deaths to come in part two...

    They got Raina to play Bobbi Christina?? I can’t watch this actress die twice!!!! #BobbyBrownBET

    ...or realizing Bobby was the epitome of "no fucks given."

    Bobby Brown was like...”You get a baby! You get a baby! EVERYBODY GETS A BABY” #BobbyBrownBET

    Bobby baby moms: So what I aint famous enough for you?!! Bobby Brown: NO! Me:

    But the overall consensus was this:

    y'all did good with this story BET #BobbyBrownBET

    Fans, including myself, are already counting down the hours until part two of The Bobby Brown Story airs tonight at 9 p.m. on BET.

    Catch y’all tomorrow. Same place. Same time. Lol #BobbyBrownBET

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