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    27 More TV Characters Who Made People Have A Change Of Heart After Getting To Know Them

    Sometimes people grow on you...

    After receiving more than 250 responses about TV characters who fans love now but were annoyed with at first, we knew we couldn't just do one list.

    The CW

    Welcome to Part 2:

    1. Caroline Forbes — The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    "She started as a self-absorbed insecure teenager that was jealous of Elena. As the series went on, she became such a strong, kind, and intelligent person that never hesitated to help her friends. Caroline was also funny as hell and brought joy to the series."


    2. Negan — The Walking Dead


    "I loathed him with a fiery passion to the point where I would get angry at my TV whenever he'd appear in an episode. Then, when Carl died and we saw how it affected him, I really started to notice Negan's sympathetic side come out and now I can’t help but root for him."


    3. Sansa Stark — Game of Thrones


    "When we were first introduced to her character, she was nothing but a spoiled kid who made horrible choices. But by the end of the series, she matured into a cunning, dedicated leader who totally got the last laugh, becoming Queen of the North!"


    4. Cisco Ramon / Vibe — The Flash

    Warner Bros. Television

    "In his first episode on Arrow and at the beginning of Season 1 of The Flash, he just seemed like an asshole to me, especially when he would talk about how hot various girls were. This stopped just a few episodes into the first season. I soon adored how selfless, loyal, funny, and supportive he was. Now he’s my favorite character."


    5. Quinn Fabray — Glee


    "I'm a Rachel stan, so at first Quinn just seemed like a snarky, stereotypical white popular cheerleader, and I could not stand her. After I learned about Quinn's parents and how she was expected to present herself, I came to love her. She is now one of my favorite characters."


    6. Jeff Winger — Community

    Sony Pictures

    "At first, he seemed rude and only interested in himself, so I had no idea why he was even made the main character. As the show progressed, he really grew on me and became a full-on leader. Although he remained selfish throughout the show, I eventually learned that that was only a minor flaw in his personality."


    7. Rachel Green — Friends


    "At first, I didn’t like Rachel at all! I thought she was super spoiled and she'd always get mad if things didn’t go her way. Now, I love her! Looking back, her being a spoiled brat in the beginning was actually necessary for her character development."


    8. Dominick Carisi Jr. — Law & Order: SVU


    "When he first joined the squad, he was annoyingly overeager despite not knowing the ropes yet. He was also really blunt about things. Once he settled in and got his bearings, he became a good addition to the team. You could see how good he was at his job and how much he empathized with the victims."


    9. Lafayette Reynolds — True Blood


    "His character was over-the-top at first, but eventually he pretty much became my favorite. How is a flamboyant, drug-dealing chef and sex worker who speaks to the dead the most relatable character? People who watched the series can easily answer that."


    10. Betty Cooper — Riverdale

    The CW

    "I could not stand her until the fourth season, because I thought she was so annoying and egocentric. I later realized she just genuinely wanted to help her friends and the people she cared about most."


    11. Dwight Schrute — The Office


    "He’s one of my favorite characters now, but at first I saw him as a weird, boundary-stepping kiss-ass. As the show went on, I saw how truly kind and sweet he was. My turning point for him was the injury episode. That's when I learned he valued his friends over his safety. He’s over-the-top, but it’s done out of love."


    12. Lorelai Gilmore — Gilmore Girls

    The CW

    "I started off thinking she was a terrible mother, not relatable, and just a generally difficult person. As I started to get to know her character more, I slowly began to like her. But then she got annoying again."


    13. Jerry Smith — Rick and Morty

    Adult Swim

    "I thought he was just a stereotypical sitcom dad, aka a useless moron. I later started to see him as a sweet, caring, and loving father and husband. Plus, he’s the only character on the show who consistently stands up to Rick, which is pretty courageous on its own."


    14. Leslie Knope — Parks & Recreation


    "I found her slightly overbearing at the beginning, but she’s got a heart of gold and is the most caring person in the world. Leslie just takes a bit of time to warm up to...and that's exactly what happened with me."


    15. Joe Goldberg — You


    "At first he really creeped me out. It kind of concerns me to say, but by the second season I was definitely on his side. Maybe it was because Love Quinn was also crazy AF, but I still not 100% sure why I was siding with him. I was surprised, but I felt like learning about his past changed my perception of him."


    16. Dr. Alana Bloom — Hannibal


    "God, I hated her in Season 1, but as I continued to watch the series, she became more understanding. I began to like her more and more, especially when she had her interactions with Hannibal."


    17. John Murphy — The 100

    The CW

    "I literally stopped watching the show because of him. When I decided to give the series another shot, he became my favorite character. WE LOVE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!"


    18. Peggy Olson — Mad Men


    "In the first couple of episodes, Peggy was whiny and unsure of herself, but she transformed into one of the best employees at Sterling Cooper. She's a great example of an independent woman in the '60s."


    19. Peter Prentice — The Mindy Project


    "At first, I didn’t like how he fit into the group's dynamic, but then when they changed his storyline and moved him to Texas, I realized just how much I missed his character. Plus, as he and Mindy’s friendship grew, so did my love for him."


    20. Alice Pieszecki — The L Word


    "She somehow went from my least favorite in the beginning to most favorite at the end of the series. She was just always in everyone's business, but now I'm so glad to see her in the reboot."


    21. BoJack Horseman — BoJack Horseman


    "He was so egotistical in the beginning and although he displayed a lot of toxic tendencies throughout the show, he definitely became a better person. He even began to help his friends and family a little more."


    22. Rebecca Bunch — Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

    The CW

    "I didn't know if I should root for her at first, because she acts obsessive and, well, crazy. She'll make you angry one moment, then have you falling in love with her the next. Ultimately, you can't help but cheer her on. She’s the perfect main character."


    23. Chuck Bass — Gossip Girl

    The CW

    "In the first season, he was sleazy, selfish and rude. It wasn't until Season 5 that he finally started to mature. He was one of my favorite characters by the end of the show."


    24. Cordelia Chase — Buffy the Vampire Slayer


    "She was a total bully for the first few seasons, but then she underwent a major personality transformation during her time on the spinoff, Angel. She became a selfless hero who adored her friends more than anything."


    25. Justin Foley — 13 Reasons Why


    "I hated him and I guess that was the point. He was the guy who wanted to kill Clay to shut him up. He was the guy that let this best friend rape his girlfriend. He was the guy who protected the rapist and himself for so long. But during the following seasons, we saw him for the lovable, complex character that he truly is."


    26. Molly Hooper — Sherlock


    "She seemed like a ditzy girl with an obsessive crush, but after Molly got over her feelings, you could see she was an extremely smart person and a great friend."


    27. And Cece Parekh and Schmidt — New Girl


    "Initially they both came across as really flat and vain characters, but slowly they grew into three-dimensional, interesting people. Admittedly, they were never my favorite characters on the show (that honor goes to the massively under-appreciated Winston), but they were far more likable by the end."


    We have more responses for you, so stay tuned for Part 3!

    And if you have a character in mind that would fit perfectly on this list, tell us about them in the comments below, and it could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video.