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Updated on Jan 1, 2020. Posted on Nov 27, 2019

55 Of The Cutest, Saddest, And Most Romantic Movies Of The Decade

"It is such a raw, yet organic representation of love."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite romantic film of the past 10 years and here what they had to say:

1. Brooklyn (2015)


"First, I loved how they chose a real Irish actress to play the main character. Second, this film takes place so long ago, yet there are so many relatable topics to the present; This includes immigration and falling in love with someone who is the complete opposite of who you’re used to dating. Lastly, I really liked how it wasn’t just about dating, it also explored family and death."


2. Love, Simon (2018)

20th Century Fox

"First of all, it was one of the first films I had ever seen that featured a gay main character within a love story. I honestly cried multiple times. I felt like it was so modern and realistic. It really hit close to me."


3. Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Sony Pictures Classic

"It has to be one of the best love stories I’ve ever seen portrayed on film! Not only is the journey between the two of them so beautiful, raw, and heartfelt, but the soundtrack and scenery just makes you swoon even harder."


4. Juliet, Naked (2018)


"Honestly, I think I might be the only person to have seen this movie. Ethan Hawke is perfect and it's a lovely reminder of how much I loved him in the '90s. Please go watch it so I have someone to talk about it with!"


5. Friends with Benefits (2011)

Screen Gems

"Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are hilarious and have amazing chemistry!"


6. Sparrows Dance (2012)

Tribeca Films

"Noah Buschel made a great movie about an agoraphobic actress (Marin Ireland) who hasn’t left her apartment or changed her routine in years after a huge nervous breakdown. She begins to fall in love with the plumber she has to call when her toilet overflows. The plumber (Paul Sparks) is understanding and slowly brings her walls down. It’s honestly so good, and my description doesn’t do it justice."


7. Beginners (2010)

Olympus Pictures

"It’s about a guy named Oliver who’s basically reflecting on his father’s life after he passes away. His father came out at the age of 75 and began a relationship with a younger man, which pushed him to be more honest and open with himself and those around him. While Oliver begins exploring his father’s life, he meets and begins to fall in love with a woman who has her own father issues. It’s honestly such a beautiful movie that deserves more recognition."


8. Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

Soda Pictures

"It's such a beautiful love story, but I think people dismiss it because they're vampires."


9. Man Up (2015)

StudioCanal Saban Films

"Starring Lake Bell and Simon Pegg, it’s a British film about two people who are perfect and hilarious together! It’s kind of an unconventional premise, but it ends up working so well. I’m shocked more people don’t know about it."


10. Like Crazy (2012)

Paramount Vantage

"It's such a raw, realistic portrayal of what relationships are like in your early twenties. The jealousy, back and forth breaking up, and the reality of how hard it is to end a relationship even when you know it’s not working. I think a lot of people can watch this movie and will be reminded of their first adult relationship, and what it’s like to grow apart."


11. Five Feet Apart (2019)


"It did not the get the credit it deserved! It was pushed aside as just another movie romanticizing illnesses, but it definitely did not romanticize cystic fibrosis at all! I started crying halfway through and didn’t stop. 10/10."


12. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Summit Entertainment

"It highlights a teenager, who is just starting to show signs of schizophrenia and depression, but is also learning about friendship and first loves. It hits me right in the feels every time I watch it. Also, Emma Watson's hair basically defined the decade."


13. Set It Up (2018)


"Honestly, my favorite rom-com ever! The movie has an amazing cast, with a funny and original storyline. The chemistry between the characters, the perfect slow burn that isn’t annoying, hilarious best friends, and a stereotypical dramatic airport scene. The movie has EVERYTHING in it you could ever want from a rom-com. The fact that more people don’t appreciate it is a straight up crime."


14. The Giant Mechanical Man (2012)

Tribeca Films

"The Giant Mechanical Man with Jenna Fischer and Chris Messina is just a sweet movie about two regular people who are a little lost, and looking to be seen."


15. Love, Rosie (2014)


"It's truly an underrated story of best friends growing up and finding love with each other. The struggles they go through to be together makes for a captivating storyline. The humor is great, borderline cringey at times, but the journey Rosie and Alex go through together, and separately, makes you fall in love with each individual character."


16. The Switch (2010)

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

"The premise sounds like it would be one big Judd Apatow movie with crude humor, which I have no problem with, but it’s actually incredibly sweet. The relationship between Wally and Sebastian is heartwarming. I highly recommend, because it’s one of my favorite movies."


17. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018)


"Apart from its impressive name, it has a brilliant (mostly British) cast including Lily James, Michiel Huisman, Jessica Brown Findley, and Penelope Wilton. It's a period piece with just enough sad and uplifting parts to make you cry and smile."


18. About Time (2013)

Universal Pictures

"OMG, it gets me every time. Domhnall Gleeson is such an inspired choice for a romantic lead. He’s quirky and full of charm and heart. Every scene he has with Bill Nighy is heartbreakingly good, add in Rachel McAdams at her rom-com best (I said what I said), and Lindsay Duncan as the most gorgeous version of a 'distant' mother, and there just literally isn’t anything better! Nothing else even comes close, and I have no idea why more people aren’t as obsessed as I am."


19. The Big Sick (2017)

Amazon Stuidos

"It wasn’t formulaic or predictable, and the characters were very likable and real. It was also based on a true story."


20. One Small Hitch (2012)

Freestyle Releasing

"No one talks about this movie and it has likable, but flawed characters with good chemistry. It's a funny and sweet movie, with just the right amount of cheesiness."


21. The Danish Girl (2015)

Focus Features

"The way Gerda stood by her husband and continued to love him even as he began to identify as a woman named Lili, was very touching. I’m not a big fan of romance movies, but this was certainly something else!"


22. Before We Go (2014)


"Directed by, and stars, Chris Evans. I’m a sucker for a love that might never be, and there’s something just so romantic about two complete strangers making a connection late-night in New York. I both love, and am so frustrated by, that ending!!!"


23. Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

Warner Bros. Pictures

"All-star cast, multiple storylines for different phases of life, and a concise script that doesn't waste time with unnecessary backstory or subplot. It's PERFECT!"


24. Stuck in Love (2012)

Millennium Entertainment

"It explores multiple relationships and the intricacies of falling in and out of love, how relationships affect those around you, and how things that fall apart don't always stay broken. It's one of my all time favorites!"


25. Obvious Child (2014)


"A romantic-comedy that portrays the dating mishaps of a sprightly and quirky stand up comic (Jenny Slate). She doesn’t hold back her weird and uncomfortably candid personality, which has been a barrier to finding a solid love life, but someone comes along who we wouldn’t have even expected. You can’t help but root for her and smile the entire time."


26. Sleeping with Other People (2015)

IFC Films

"It’s a low-key movie that follows two acquaintances from college that never developed emotionally. It's easily the most relatable movie I have seen in a long time that highlights this generation’s habit of casual sex, and how it plays out from your twenties through your thirties. I love that it’s messy and complicated, but still genuine and heartwarming."


27. Belle (2013)

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"It's beautifully shot and written with fantastic performances! Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Sam Reid are perfection onscreen together, and Amma Asante’s storytelling and pacing is great. It’s also an unconventional period piece with a black woman lead! Can’t get better than that!"


28. Palm Trees in the Snow (2015)

Warner Bros.

"I recently watched Palm Trees in the Snow or Palmeras en la Nieve (in Spanish), and it was such a heartbreaking love story. I love romance dramas and this movie is perfect!"


29. Equals (2015)


"Equals is very underrated! Two people living in an emotionless utopia gradually begin to regain their emotions. They hide their feelings, and fall in love in secret, knowing that their society sees people like them as sick and dangerous. It’s sci-fi, romance, and a totally unique concept. I don’t think it gets nearly enough credit."


30. God's Own Country (2017)

Samuel Goldwyn Films

"It's an English film about a Yorkshire farmer who gets involved with a migrant worker. I sob uncontrollably at the quiet moments in this movie. It radiates love."


31. Always Be My Maybe (2019)


"I loved the chemistry between Randall Park and Ali Wong. The dialogue flowed so well and it felt really relatable. Also, Keanu Reeves is in it...hello?!"


32. In Your Eyes (2014)

Bellwether Pictures

"In Your Eyes with Zoe Kazan is criminally underrated. Here’s the summary:

'Two seemingly unconnected souls from different corners of the United States make a telepathic bond that allows them to see, hear and feel the other's experiences, creating a bond that apparently can't be broken.'

It’s a really unique and sweet movie. I always expected it to become an indie hit and it never did."


33. Giant Little Ones (2018)

Mongrel Media

"It's a coming-of-age story that deals with sexuality, friendship, and family. It has a lot of endearing moments and is a realistic story of finding yourself in high school."


34. The Last Five Years (2014)


"I stumbled upon the movie out of nowhere and just had to watch. It's a musical romance comedy, and it was perfect!"


35. Far From the Madding Crowd (2015)

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"A stunningly beautiful period movie shot in the English countryside. Carey Mulligan and Matthias Schoenaerts have incredible chemistry, especially in their stolen glances (since they can’t be together for most of the movie). I was disappointed it never gained momentum during awards season. I recommend it to anyone who likes Pride and Prejudice/Jane Eyre type movies."


36. The Age of Adaline (2015)


"Probably not a popular choice but I really really loved The Age of Adaline. Blake Lively, first of all is stunning, but the life that you see throughout the movie always manages to bring a tear to my eyes. Also Michiel Huisman is hotttttt!"


37. Something Borrowed (2011)

Warner Bros.

"It's a very complicated love triangle-type movie, but the chemistry between Rachel and Dex is so intense. I caught it once on TV and I was immediately hooked! Now, does it have some situations I wouldn't condone in real life? Yes. Does that keep me from loving this movie and telling everyone they need to see it? Hell no!"


38. Someone Great (2019)


"It's so beautiful! It shows friendship and a relationship that has run its course, which ultimately demonstrates growth."


39. Mr. Right (2015)

Focus World

"Without giving too much away, it's a kind of whacky, but charming and confident young woman realizing she wasted her time dating this guy. While recovering from the break up, she discovers a man who adores her for all she is, though he has the fatal flaw of being completely fucking crazy. Oh...and he's a hitman."


40. Leap Year (2010)

Universal Pictures

"It’s a bit cheesy and a very American take on Ireland, but it’s a big-hearted, romantic movie that makes you feel all mushy. Matthew Goode is dreamy and he and Amy Adams have great chemistry. The moment where she sees his disappointment when he thinks she left on the bus without him gets me every time!"


41. One Day (2011)

Focus Features

"The whole movie is so sweet and there’s a huge twist that you'll never see coming."


42. The Dressmaker (2015)

Amazon Studios

"It’s a revenge story, in which our heroine returns to her small Australian town to make sure the people who wronged her as a child pay for their crimes. However, it is interspersed with three heart-wrenching love stories: one between her and a childhood friend, one between her and her estranged mother, and ultimately, one between her and herself. The secrets that are exposed are jaw-dropping, to say the least, and the music as well as costume design (1950s couture) transport you to the heart of the story. Plus, that ending is on fire. The perfect way to wrap up such a tumultuous story."


43. Beyond the Lights (2014)

Relativity Media

"It's sooo underrated. The movie is gorgeous and the story is fun, moving, and wild enough that it could almost be believable. Plus, Gugu Mbatha-Raw is a dream in all things."


44. Isn't It Romantic? (2019)

Warner Bros. Pictures

"I love how the ending is more about learning to love yourself first, before loving someone else."


45. 6 Years (2015)

The Orchard

"It's a very realistic movie that captures a relationship running its course. It broke my heart into a million pieces."


46. Tonight You're Mine (2011)

Sigma Films

"It's single-handedly the only movie to ever make me wanna punch something because it was so cute!!"


*Internationally, this movie is known as You Instead.

47. Her (2013)

Warner Bros. Pictures

"It’s romance/sci-fi, neither of which I’m really into, but I gave it a go anyway. I went into it thinking that it was a quirky flick about a guy who falls in love with his phone. I was sorely mistaken. It’s a much deeper story about what it means to be in love and how you can find it in the most unusual of places. The score and cinematography are excellent, and they complement everything else in the movie so well."


48. What If? (2013)

Entertainment One

"What If (internationally known as The F Word). Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, and Adam Driver are wonderful in this film! I am shocked more people haven't watched it. It's such an authentic film, but it's also hysterical. I love love LOVE this movie!"


49. Never Let Me Go (2010)

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"Never Let Me Go starring Andrew Garfield, Carey Mulligan, and Keira Knightley. It’s a beautiful story about these friends who grow up in this idyllic boarding school. They eventually discover their horrifying true purpose for attending the school and must decide whether they want to keep fate in their hands or their school's."


50. Hope Springs (2012)

Columbia Pictures

"It's a heartbreaking look at a couple on the brink of divorce. This movie broke my heart ten times over, but found a powerful way to show a normal marriage after many years. It’s a beautiful movie."


51. Blue is the Warmest Color (2013)

Wild Bunch

"This is one of my all-time favorite films. It is such a raw, yet organic representation of love. I’ve never watched a movie that was so real and palpable yet entirely fictional. I think a lot of people don’t give it a chance because it’s almost 3 hours long and entirely in French (which in my opinion makes it that much more romantic and authentic-feeling, there is no fluff), but every second is worth watching. It’s an absolutely beautiful story and movie."


52. Les Amours Imaginaires (2011)

Remstar Distributions

"Xavier Dolan's movies are all awesome, but this is my fave. It's such an intense movie which is best for me when it's a slow rainy day."


53. Twice Born (2012)

Entertainment One

"If we’re talking underrated, Twice Born is definitely that. It’s so heartbreaking to watch and yet such a beautiful story. The setting, the story, the characters and the way the story unravels is so moving."


54. The Decoy Bride (2011)


"It was a British rom-com starring David Tennant as an author about to marry a famous American actress. He accidentally ends up married to the bride's body double. It was hilarious, sweet, and was filmed on a beautiful island in Scotland. It’s on Netflix, but I rarely meet anyone who has seen it here in the States."


55. And Love and Other Drugs (2010)

20th Century Fox

"It’s more passionate, risqué and comical, but also caring, loving and serious. It’s not the typical love story since they both stick together to face an incurable illness. Once they get into a serious relationship, they start to realize how perfect they are for each other...which ultimately scared them. I think that’s so relatable to many people who work hard to keep their relationships alive and well."


Didn't see your favorite romantic movie from the past 10 years mentioned in this list? Tell us which one you loved in the comments below.

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