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What's The Most Underrated Romantic Film Of The Last 10 Years?

Tell us here!

A new year is quickly approaching, so before it does we want to know which romantic movie you couldn't get enough of. The catch? It has to be from the last 10 years.

Walt Disney Studios

Maybe you could barely hold it together watching a disease get in the way of young love in Five Feet Apart (2019).

CBS Films

Perhaps you have a love/hate relationship with Blue Valentine (2010) because you related to it a little TOO much.

The Weinstein Company

Or maybe you loved Girls Trip (2017) because it was a BFF comedy and a romance wrapped up into one great movie.

Universal Pictures

Tell us why you loved a specific romantic movie (rom-coms and dramas) from the past decade and it could be added to a BuzzFeed Community post or video.

Sony Pictures Classic