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    Here's The Best Feature On Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Website

    Let the crowd say, "Amen!"

    ATTENTION: Rihanna's Fenty Beauty is officially here!

    And even though I don't know the difference between a concealer brush and a contour brush...

    Comedy Central / Via

    ...I proudly stocked my digital shopping cart with items because, well, it's Rihanna. Duh!

    But as I was scrolling through the website, I couldn't stop playing with this amazing feature: foundation shade finder.

    Fenty Beauty / Via

    It actually helps customers find the perfect shade of foundation, by providing an array of diverse models who've matched the product with their skin tone.

    Fenty Beauty / Via

    Say it with me class: INCLUSION.

    Fenty Beauty / Via

    Rihanna's provided 40 amazing shades to choose from, ranging from light neutrals....

    Fenty Beauty / Via olive and medium tans...

    Fenty Beauty / Via

    ...and warm mocha to deep rich chocolate tones.

    Fenty Beauty / Via

    And once you finally decide on the proper shade, you get detailed information about the product and a swatch visual.

    Fenty Beauty / Via

    Her layout made it extremely easy for me to navigate through the available options, which was perfect because I'm a novice in the makeup world.

    Fenty Beauty / Via

    So, whether you're a professional MUA or just a curious fan like me, you'll love exploring Rihanna's latest hit: Fenty Beauty!

    Bryan R. Smith / AFP / Getty Images

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