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Rihanna's Getting Thick And Fans Are Rejoicing

Let the crowd say amen!

First let's get something straight: "Getting thick" is not an insult. I repeat, "getting thick" is NOT an insult.

Here are some examples of how someone might respond if told they were getting thick:

Best friend: "Girl, you getting thick?! Me:

For some cultures, it's a compliment used to celebrate a woman's curves, and that's exactly what we're doing here!

Besides blessing us with her continuous fashion slays, fans have noticed a slight change in Rihanna's appearance lately: She's looking thicker than a snicker!

And here's another view of Thickanna, because these thighs deserve appreciation from every angle:

And I didn't make that nickname Thickanna up, either. Fans of the Bajan beauty decided this look needed a title, whenever she snuck up on us.

Or here:

And let's not forget every damn time Rihanna shows out at the Kadooment Day Parade:

Don't believe the love for Thickanna is real? Check this out:

Do it for the culture, sis!

rihanna got thick again which means I have to get thick... for the culture

Twitter: @shysoaggy


I'm here for this thick Rihanna. that late 20's weight look good on her

Twitter: @chuuzus

If Rihanna can do it, so can we!

Rihanna getting thick so I know there's faith for me.

Twitter: @wishleeluck

I second that.

Rihanna gettin thick and I'm loving every bit of this!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

Twitter: @LorineChia

"I don't think you're ready for this jelly."

thick Rihanna will literally be the death of me

Twitter: @yellowperilgirl

Brace yourselves.

Yass Thickanna in full effect 😍🤗

Twitter: @africaries

She can do no wrong.

i'm here for thick rihanna, goth rihanna, skinny rihanna i don't give a damn

Twitter: @gabechef

My feelings exactly:

Twitter: @big_business_

Sweet memories:

thickanna was a time to be alive

Twitter: @pettyperrie

Aren't we all Joe?

100 % down with the thick Rihanna movement.

Twitter: @JoeFreshgoods

"Love" is an understatement.

Twitter: @darkwavebaby

We don't know what she's been up to lately, but we see you, boo!