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    Ashley Tisdale Stopped Auditioning For Disney Roles For A While Because She Kept Getting Turned Down

    Wait, so she could've been our Super Nova girl??!!

    This is Ashley Tisdale.

    For a lot of millennials, she played a huge part in our childhoods thanks to her many roles with Disney.

    And during a recent BuzzFeed interview, Ashley let us in on a little secret: she was THIS close to starring in two other Disney Channel Original Movies. That's right, she was ready for full Disney domination back in the day.

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    We asked Ashley about the first time she got turned down for a role she really wanted and her answer had us shook!

    "Wow, there's been so many. I auditioned for a lot of Disney movies. One of them was Zenon."

    "I just would always be like the last two and I would never get it."

    "I was so bummed out about it, that I didn't even audition for Disney for a long time after that."

    The 33-year-old actor revealed she also auditioned for a role alongside Shia LaBeouf in Tru Confessions, but was also turned down.

    But Ashley's luck soon changed when she landed the role of a lifetime.

    "Then, to get the High School Musical movie — I mean out of all of them, I'm so glad I got that one. That was like the best experience."

    Which makes sense since HSM became the most successful Disney Channel Original Movie EVER produced, with a best-selling album. It ultimately led to a franchise. Can you say, "Thank U, Blessed!?"

    So, Ashley has a few words for anyone frustrated with the spot they're in now: "You gotta keep going."