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Ariana Grande Joked About Pete Davidson's Penis Size And I Almost Choked On My Water

"How long is Pete?"

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Okay, so by now you probably know Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are officially engaged.

See? Look at her beautiful pear-shaped 3-karat diamond engagement ring. It reportedly cost nearly $100K.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Well, did you also know the songstress has a song named after her fiancé on her upcoming album Sweetener?

Well her fans did! And one of them tried to get Ariana to spill some details about the song "Pete."

@ArianaGrande @ifwonIy @beenthereallday @tearsbuteras how long is pete ???

Twitter: @grandesecIipse

Now I know what you're thinking, because I thought it too...


...but she was ACTUALLY referring to the length of the song.

@ArianaGrande @ifwonIy @beenthereallday @tearsbuteras OH AS IN THE INTERLUDE NOT AS IN......ANYWAY

Twitter: @grandesecIipse

And we weren't the only ones to interpret the question that way. The 24-year-old "No Tears Left to Cry" singer jokingly played along with the fan, while also giving her the answer she was looking for.

I WAS NOT READY and neither were my legs, because I collapsed and now I'm on the floor!!!


But before fans could bombard her mentions with responses, she deleted the tweet and swapped it for this answer.

@grandesecIipse @ifwonIy @beenthereallday @tearsbuteras funny ass btch

Twitter: @grandesecIipse

If this is shocking to some of you, then you must not be familiar with Ariana and Pete's dirty banter. Who could forget this impressive Harry Potter sexual innuendo:

So, whether "Pete" is 10 inches or 10 minutes long, I'm excited to hear all about it. They enjoy each other and that's all that matters.

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