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    25 Amazing TV Characters That Kind Of Sucked In The Beginning, According To Fans

    From annoying to amazing!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about TV characters who rubbed them the wrong way in the beginning, but with time, they grew to love them.


    So here are a few characters who went through a personality glow-up, according to our readers:

    1. Miranda Hobbes — Sex and the City


    "Her personality comes off as very hard, but the more I watched the show, the quicker I realized she is the most realistic about life and dating in her friend group."


    2. Alex Karev — Grey's Anatomy

    Kelsey Mcneal / ABC

    "He was self-centered and obnoxious the first few seasons, but ultimately he had an amazing character arc! He went from a dirty smart-ass to an excellent doctor who cares about his patients, friends, and family. It pisses me off that the writers gave him the worst exit ever. The Alex we all saw mature and grow wouldn't do something like that!"


    3. Brittany Pierce — Glee


    "Though I remember being thoroughly annoyed with her the first time I watched the show, I think that had to do with a lot of internalized biphobia and misogyny. Now, I've realized she's one of the most iconic characters, as well as a relatable representative for the bi community. Her random comments, fun innocence, and general iconic presence really brought the series to life!"


    4. Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson — The Vampire Diaries and The Originals

    The CW

    "When he first came on the show, I was constantly rooting for his demise. However, as the show progressed and we fell deeper into his backstory...I fell in love. He was arguably my favorite character by the time the shows ended!"


    5. Ruth Langmore — Ozark

    Steve Dietl / Netflix

    "I initially disliked her because I thought she was conniving and only had it out for the Byrds, but as the series went on, I realized she really was a good person — a money launderer, yes, but still a good person. She ended up being my favorite of the whole cast!"


    6. Gina Linetti — Brooklyn Nine-Nine


    "I remember watching the first handful of episodes thinking her character was pointless to the show, but then she really hit her stride, and was such a fun person to watch. She consistently made me laugh. I was so sad when she ended up leaving the series."


    7. Jim Hopper — Stranger Things


    "At first, he seemed like a drug addict who didn’t care and barely did his job, but after the first few episodes, he really grew on me. He's now one of my favorite characters. I literally cried at the end of Season 3 because I thought he died."


    8. Moira Rose — Schitt's Creek


    "She's obviously a terrible mother and I did not find the accent funny. After realizing that was kinda the point, just about everything she said and did was hilarious. Her outfits were the best part of the show and I constantly find myself saying 'bebe' in her accent."


    9. Michael Scott — The Office


    "His presence was just so cringey with every scene and every line he spoke. I didn't like the way his employees didn’t stick up for themselves or speak up against his childish ways. I couldn’t watch it. It was finally on my FOURTH time trying the show that I decided to keep watching. In Season 2, it all clicked for me and I just got it. He grew on me like mold, and then by Season 3 if there was a scene that he wasn’t in, I was like, 'Where's Michael?!'"


    10. Blair Waldorf — Gossip Girl

    The CW

    "She was so petty, spoiled, and vindictive in the beginning. By the end of the series, she turned all of her flaws and weaknesses into strengths. She showed everyone how smart, independent, and witty she could be...putting her nickname Queen B to good use."


    11. Kevin Pearson — This Is Us


    "During the first couple of seasons, I HATED Kevin! He was such a brat and an extremely terrible brother to Randall, but thankfully in this last season he really seemed to redeem himself."


    12. Paris Geller — Gilmore Girls

    Warner Bros. Television

    "She started off as an annoying know-it-all, but damn it, if you weren't rooting for her hard by the end of the series. She was one of the few people on the show brave enough to call Rory out when she was being a tool, which was a majority of the time."


    13. Janice Hosenstein — Friends


    "If you can get past the donkey laugh and nasal voice, she is actually a really fun character. She might come off as annoying, but in reality, it's her soft and caring side that stood out to me."


    14. Frank Gallagher — Shameless (US)


    "He was a selfish prick, especially in the beginning of the show. Later on in the show, when Frank got sick, he really started to become more likable. He’s still pretty self-centered, but he cares a lot more now."


    15. Petra Solano — Jane the Virgin

    The CW

    "At first, she was a horrible character, but she had a remarkable redemption arc, especially during the last two seasons. Her difficult past was revealed and it was shown that she wasn’t evil, just very guarded and defensive because of her awful mother and ex-boyfriend. She fell in love with a woman who changed her for the better and she became an older sister to Jane, which I loved. I think the writers did a great job with her and it doesn't hurt that the actress who played Petra is amazing!"


    16. Nathan Scott — One Tree Hill

    The CW

    "He had some of the best character development I have ever seen in any show. I couldn’t stand him in the first half of Season 1, but he grew to be an amazing husband, father, and friend."


    17. Laurel Lance — Arrow

    The CW

    "I thought she was pretty bitchy early on, quick to snap at Oliver and Tommy, which wasn't very fair of me considering how much tragedy she had lived through and how justified her anger was. But I found her much more supportive, caring, and selfless as the series went on. She really became one of Oliver's rocks and a hero in more than one way."


    18. Logan Echolls — Veronica Mars

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "He was such a dick at the beginning of Season 1, but as the story unfolded, you realize what a broken, lonely character he is, so you just start to feel for him. Then he grew into such a good man, with such a good heart, that you can't help but love him. They did him so dirty in that new season. He deserved so much better."


    19. Claire — Fleabag


    "For a while, I didn't care for her much and it didn't help that she sided with her ass of a husband over her own sister. But the series did a great job of grounding her character and now I fucking love her. Claire saying, 'I look like a pencil' will never not be funny to me."


    20. Daryl Dixon — The Walking Dead


    "He started off in his brother Merle's shadow. As the shows progresses, he goes out of his way to comfort other members of his team, especially Carol when she lost Sophia. He had great survival skills, he was loyal, and selfless. Ultimately, Daryl learned to shine on his own by showing off all of his amazing attributes."


    21. Tiffany Pennsatucky — Orange Is the New Black


    "She was so horrible at first, especially to Piper. Eventually, you get to see how kindhearted she is. Her friendship with Suzanne in the final two seasons makes me cry every time. She’s one of the best, most developed characters on the show, in my opinion."


    22. Crowley — Supernatural

    The CW

    "At first, I hated him because he made deals without revealing their cost. He was on the wrong side at the wrong time, but then he grew into this anti-hero that was actually really intelligent. I think in the end, he grew to even love the Winchesters, and they changed his perspective on life. He sacrificed himself for them and the greater good. Plus, who can resist an accent?"


    23. Lydia Martin — Teen Wolf


    "She was such an airhead in the first two seasons and I couldn’t stand her! She was shallow, selfish, and seemed determined to ruin her friends' lives for a guy. She eventually did a full 180 in terms of personality and goals, and I actually ended up loving her after Season 3. Talk about character development!"


    24. JJ Maybank — Outer Banks


    "In the beginning, he seemed like an irresponsible child that didn't care about anyone but himself, but as the show went on and showed the deeper moments of his character, I fell in love with him."


    25. And Lucrecia "Lu" Montesinos Hendrich — Élite


    "She started out as this really self-centered brat, but as the series went on, you really started to see her grow. The friendship she developed with Nadia near the end was also really beautiful."


    This is only the first batch of annoyingly good characters. Stay tuned for more!

    And if you have a character in mind that would fit perfectly on this list, tell us about them in the comments below, and it could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video.

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