32 Movies You Probably Watched As A Kid That You Never, Ever Want To Watch Again

    Here come the bad memories...

    Yesterday, Twitter user Ashley Bower asked her followers "Which movie traumatized you as a kid?" She kicked off the discussion by putting her own example in: Jumanji.

    Oh this is a good one. I'll start: Jumanji

    It didn't take long for the responses to roll in and let's just say SEVERAL of them brought me back to a place I thought I buried during my childhood:

    1. Wizard of Oz

    @loudandfearless Wizard of Oz. When those feet curled up underneath Dorothy’s house... 😳

    2. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

    @loudandfearless I loved every other minute of the movie— and I still do— but man, the Boat Ride scene in Willy Wonka? The stuff that lifelong nightmares are made of.

    3. The Land Before Time

    @preachdnb @loudandfearless I thought we ALL agreed to never speak of this again. Ow, my feelings.

    4. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    @loudandfearless The CHILD CATCHER from Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang. CHILD. CATCHER. Literally.

    5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

    @loudandfearless Who Framed Roger Rabbit...Do I even need to say why?

    6. Matilda

    7. Mommie Dearest

    @JamilSmith @loudandfearless NO WIRE HANGERS

    8. Jeepers Creepers

    @loudandfearless The dude that owns the Jeepers Creepers truck is from my hometown & this is him behind me, said that is the ONLY truck that he drives and his license is still beatinu!

    9. Mars Attacks

    @loudandfearless I'll be alone in this one but Mars Attacks traumatized me to my core as a kid. Even now at 26 year old I have nightmares about it. 👾

    10. Pinocchio

    @vivkinder @loudandfearless This is easily in my top 3. Watched it recently with my yound son and I turned It off, some scenes were disturbing, even as an adult. Not sure who likes this movie!

    11. Final Destination

    @loudandfearless Traumatized me as a teen and still traumatizes me as an adult 😖

    12. Poltergeist

    @loudandfearless Poltergeist. That goddamn clown! Lol. I couldn’t sleep well at my friend’s house because she had one and a closet facing the end of the bed. I did it a few times, though. 😄

    13. The Exorcist

    @loudandfearless The Exorcist. And it still does.

    14. Foul Play

    @MKeithHarris @loudandfearless Foul Play... more specifically, the albino assassin. Kept me up at night... seeing him in my window.

    15. Jaws

    @loudandfearless No doubt about it: Jaws I'm a San Diego native and seeing this with my older sisters when it came out made me give up Boogie Boarding for like a month 😏

    16. Return to Oz

    @loudandfearless Return to Oz. Those wheelers and the heads on a shelf? Come on! I actually thought it was a nightmare for years until someone mentioned hating that movie as well.

    17. Nightmare on Elm Street

    @Gis_EllaTO @loudandfearless Ingenious concept: Most kids couldn't WAIT to fall asleep at night & stop thinking about the monsters in scary movies. Then comes along NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET where the hell starts WHEN you fall asleep. No. Just no.

    18. Bambi

    19. Gremlins

    20. Carrie

    @meganinaba @loudandfearless Carrie

    21. Child's Play

    @ZenOfDesign @loudandfearless I dunno...

    22. The Fly

    @loudandfearless The original 'The Fly', 1958. Saw it age 7 or 8 on TV around 1970, some seriously disturbing scenes. All in glorious Technicolor.

    23. Pee-wee's Big Adventure

    24. The Birds

    @loudandfearless I was absolutely TERRIFIED of this movie. To this day, I won't go near a big gathering of birds. #TheBirds

    25. The Exorcist

    @loudandfearless The Exorcist my big sister & brother took me with them I was 7 😈🤣🤣

    26. The Lion King

    27. The NeverEnding Story

    28. My Girl


    29. The Brave Little Toaster

    @loudandfearless Everything about The Brave Little Toaster still haunts me to this day

    30. Fire in the Sky

    @loudandfearless Fire. In. The. Sky. That movie came out in 1993. I was 8 years old. My mother took me to see this movie in the theatre. I don’t know what kind of affect it had on my psyche... but there have been multiple accounts through my adult life where I strongly felt I was abducted.😰

    31. Raiders of the Lost Ark

    @loudandfearless The face melting scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. I was probably 7 or so when I first saw it.

    32. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

    @loudandfearless E.T. This scene:

    Is there a movie that scarred you as a child that didn't make the list? Tell us about it in the comments below.