Sorry Kids, Twitter Has Officially Ruled "Incredibles 2" An Adult Movie

    "Walking into Incredibles 2 with no kids like..."

    After waiting 14 long years, millennials around the world are rejoicing because Incredibles 2 is finally here!

    And even though the movie earned a PG rating, millennials refuse to believe this badass crime-fighting family is for kids. Here's what I mean:


    Y’all thought i was playing🙂 I’m rolling up to the incredibles 2 movie like dis 💀💀💀#Frozone


    I'm gunna go see The Incredibles 2, but I'm... an ADULT? Haha WHAT?! I guess I'm just quirky like that! Parents leave the kids at HOME, this one is for THE MILLENNIAAAALLS


    me next week at the midnight release of the Incredibles 2


    Dear Children @ the Incredibles 2 Movie, If you ask who any of the characters are, or speak during this movie i will politely ask you to get out. Sincerely, Someone who’s actually seen the Incredibles


    Y’all when a baby breathes in the Incredibles 2 premiere


    I’m at the movie theater right now about to see the incredibles 2, and it makes me SO happy that most of the people here are fully grown adults.


    me omw to the incredibles 2 premiere


    The Incredibles 2 gon’ be filled with 22 year olds HAHAHA


    Walking into The Incredibles 2 with no kids like...


    Attention Parents : I am seeing the Incredibles 2 tonight, if you make the decision to bring yo child and they are disruptive. They will get kicked in the chest regardless of age. Thank you 🙏


    Me: “Yeah I mean I like The Incredibles but I’m not like a super fan or anything...” Also me:


    Tomorrow ima be pushing any little kid who gets in my way when I go see the incredibles 😤 pónganse vergas morros


    me when i see all the other 18+ year olds at the Incredibles movie tonight


    Me: "The Incredibles 2 is about to come out!!!!" My 14 year old sister: "The what?" Me: *silent* Me: *silent* Me: *silent* Me: *silent* Me: *silent* Me: *silent* Me: *tweets this tragic moment*


    mom in line for The Incredibles 2 with 5 year old son: “he’s been waiting for this for forever!” me:


    if you 😒👉🏽 were born 🙅🏽‍♀️🤰🏼after the year of 1️⃣8️⃣6️⃣2️⃣ you CAN NOT 🤬☝🏽 go watch 🎬🎞📽 THE INCREDIBLES 2 🤣🤤🤷🏽‍♂️ 90’s kids only 😍😘😋


    Patiently waiting for The Incredibles 2


    They should ID check for the incredibles at the door. 18 and up that’s it. They didn’t even make this movie for kids.


    Me & my son when the incredibles come out 🤷🏾‍♂️🤣


    locals on their way to see the incredibles 2 after threatening to beat up innocent toddlers for watching the movie on twitter


    Me yelling at the family next to me if their child even makes a small fart during the Incredibles 2