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6 Struggles All Aspiring Entrepreneurs Can Relate To

Billion dollar ideas may be easy to think of... but not so easy to bring to life.

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So you’ve got a brilliant idea that you’re convinced could become a billionaire idea. Congrats!

If you’re tried to implement that idea into reality, then you know the challenges that come along with entrepreneurism.

Here are 6 struggles that all aspiring entrepreneurs can relate to:

1. Not knowing where to begin

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You have the idea… now what? You need to plan everything out. But wait… how do I create a business plan? A marketing plan? How much money does it take to build an app/product? How do I build an app/product? What the hell is SEO?!

2. Finding the time to work on your project

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Chances are you have a full-time job. Starting a new project (which essentially will become its own business in need of your full, undivided attention) doesn’t always fit so perfectly into your schedule… unless you’re OK with saying goodbye to your social life and normal sleep schedule.

3. Developing and designing a website

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Sure, there are free platforms that will let you create your very own website. But there’s a lot more that goes into web development and design than just clicking a few buttons and securing a domain. And if you’re looking for a quality page but you aren’t specialized in web development and/or design, then you’ll probably have to outsource the project to someone who is (which can cost big bucks $$$).

4. Running social media accounts

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It’s one thing to post memes and inspirational quotes… but it’s another thing to actually gain a loyal following and build a brand image. Content calendars (correction: SUCCESSFUL content calendars) take time and effort and strategy.

5. Onboarding the right people to join your team

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So you realize you can’t do it alone. No biggie. But what is a biggie is getting the right people to get onboard with you.

Who are you going to ask you join you? Who are you going to TRUST to join you? Who has the skills the join you? Who can you stand to work with day-in and day-out and not want to rip their head off or kick them off your team a month or two down the line? Can you even afford to pay them for their time and work?

...which, last but certainly not least, brings us to struggle numero six.

6. Having the money to actually pursue and follow through with the idea

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You can have the most brilliant idea and (oftentimes) it won’t go anywhere unless you have the funds to bring it to life. For most of us, we don’t have thousands of extra dollars laying around -- especially to throw to the wind as a risk.


Sometimes it’s a struggle being so creative and ingenious. However, if you can push past these 6 challenges, you can be well on your way to that billionaire status just from budding a simple idea.

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